I love manifesting. I have played with it for nearly 25 years now. There’s a feeling that comes when you’ve really “clicked into” the vibration you need. You see no other reality. You know what you want is coming. It doesn’t feel like wishful thinking. It feels like a done deal.

I’ll never forget years ago when I dearly wanted to support a teacher who was being interviewed on an international radio show. With over 3 million listeners it was statistically unlikely that I’d get my call into the show and be able to give a glowing testimonial. Still in my mind, I was going to do it. There was no other reality. I felt like a laser focused so intently that I was a single minded woman on a mission. Call in. They’ll answer. You’ll give your testimonial. I waited until inspired and dialed the number. I knew it would ring. I knew someone would answer. They did. I gave my glowing testimonial and his book shot up to the top 100 on amazon within hours. Mission accomplished.

When I wanted my car I stood in front of a room full of people whom I was teaching manifesting and told them what car I’d create. I knew it was coming. Within a week I got the guidance to go to a car dealership in town. Within three hours I had my car, at the price I wanted, and had time to meet my friends for dinner.

When I suddenly woke up in my two bedroom apartment that I loved years ago and knew it was time for a house, I had the urge to drive around. I found a house that wasn’t quite perfect, but when I was adopted by the realtor who given a list of other houses, the first one on the list caught my attention. A client canceled the next morning. The realtor showed me the house. I put in an offer then and there that was accepted within hours. Diving timing indeed!

A few decades ago a woman came who was due an inheritance. The proceedings seemed to drag on forever. The estates was finally settled, not so coincidentally, around the same time she was fully ready to manage it with wisdom. “Growing into her dream” as the angels say, enabled her to enjoy it without wasting it.

I’ve also experienced the opposite the opposite – times when nothing happened because I wasn’t yet a vibrational match. I wrote my first book years ago and was impatient to get it published. The angels told me it wasn’t time. I got rejection after rejection until I finally wrote one publisher back and asked why I was being rejected. “You haven’t had enough experience in your field yet,” she told me. The angels had known all along that I wasn’t ready yet to stand in public and bare my heart. I wasn’t. Divine timing (my readiness) took ten more years!

Even crazier, I’ve seen (and participated in!) dreams that crash and burn because people seek the outer manifestation before they are ready internally. In my thirties I so desperately wanted to be “loved and understood” after my entire life changed that I sought external relationships before really making peace with the relationship with myself! As you can imagine the external world simply mirrored my internal state.

That was a clear examine “Mind Timing” vs. “Divine Timing!”

Here are a few pointers to help you find that sweet spot where your internal reality is a perfect match for your dream…

1. Make sure you really want it

Years ago Ricky Martin wrote a song called “The Cup of Life.” In the lyrics he says: “The feeling’ in your soul is gonna take control / Nothing can hold you back if you really want it.” There is great truth in this. When you really want something just because it is in your soul to want it, then it is a true desire.

If you want something because you think you should, it is the next step, it is what is expected of you, it is what you need to get what you really want, etc. then there is little fuel to your dreams. For example many people say they want to manifest money. Some do. Some just want what they can get with it. Make sure that what you want is the bottom line. Don’t try to manifest one thing to get another.

In my manifesting classes we keep asking, “Why do you want it?” until we get down to the bottom line… “I want his because I want it!” No reason. I just love the feeling it gives me thinking of having it. That is your true desire.

2. Fuel, but more importantly feel, your dreams

Have reminders of your dreams all around you. When you think of your dream, your toes should tingle!! Well maybe not that, but when you think of a true desire and you are not resisting or blocking it, you will have a visceral reaction that feels like love! You’ll feel expanded, excited, joyous, playful, peaceful, incredibly content, or some other variation of a wonderful loving feeling.

Anything less means it isn’t a true desire, or you have some internal unconscious resistance.

3. Dive in and find the resistant parts of self

If you know you want something but can’t get excited thinking about having it tomorrow, dive inward. Something inside you is resisting.

Ask yourself, “Who inside of me isn’t OK with me having this dream if it came tomorrow?” Dialogue. Negotiate. Ask that part what it is afraid of. Console it. Love it. Be the parent it never had.

For example, sometimes when I envision things I’m manifesting I find a part of me that is fearing others will misunderstand, judge, and be jealous of me. I gently remind that part that we don’t care what people think. I love her, and we are A-ok with God and the angels. The resistance calms down and I feel excitement once again.

Once you clear resistence, you’ll feel amazing again when thinking of your dream.

There is no dream too large or small for the universe to fulfill. The source sees deeply in our heart, our energy field, and wants to fulfill our deepest desires.

We are the ones that must do the work to get our energy in perfect alignment. We are the ones who must get our fears and doubts out of the way. When we do… woo hoo! Divine timing delivers them in unexpected, joyous, and amazing ways!

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