Deeper desires

So many times we think we want things for one reason, but God knows the reasons go much deeper. When I wanted to quit engineering, I didn’t realize my real desire was to find my own heart and soul and share my gifts with the world. I just thought I wanted to feel better.. At the time that was all I could wish for. I was so impatient to leave, thinking at the time that just getting away from an exhausting situation would make my life better. I thought God didn’t hear or care abut my prayers many times, and it took years before I received the guidance to quit and move forward on the path I am now on.

Looking back I see that all the growth that was required during the years in between when I had the desire to quit and when I was actually guided and able to do so, was necessary. I had to discover who I was more deeply. I had to develop a greater confidence in myself and a better vision of my own worth. I definitely had to develop greater faith in God’s love or quitting a stable career to start an unconventional one on my own would have been impossible. I had to become strong. People told me I couldn’t make a living doing this. I had to honor my own knowing. I had to learn patience, trust, surrender, and an abiding faith in God’s goodness – all things I can teach now, from a place of real integrity.

Likewise when I lived in an apartment years ago and had a desire for a new home, I just knew I wanted more space and beauty in my life. In the process of manifesting a home I had to learn to trust even more deeply, not to settle, and to have even more faith in God’s love. I found a house that was almost right but not quite and when I decided not to settle for less than I truly desired, the Realtor for that house adopted me, and sent me listings. The house I am now in was the first one on the list! I knew instantly it was mine.

When I had the desire to reach more people with my class materials, I had no idea how it would be possible and even when technology became available to do it I didn’t know if I could manage it on my own. Again God provided a solution. I just had to be patient and wait.

Two weeks ago I had a deep desire to create an easier sign up process for my show. As of last week we created better instructions, but when I prayed more, a more obvious solution came to me that involves a little extra work on our part, but makes the process very easy for our viewers.

So when you have a dream, don’t put it aside just because you don’t know how it can come about. Don’t settle in your own mind and heart. And on the other side of the coin, don’t get so impatient that your own fear blocks the process. Admit your dreams, anticipate your miracles, and wait for your guidance. In the meantime, enjoy your life knowing that you will grow in faith, self worth, and a sense of your own power to bring love to every moment of your days.

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