I’ve said this before. I often jokingly pray when things do not look as my wish, “OK God, you know what you’re doing!” I accept that even when life doesn’t look “perfect” or “as I wish.” In that simple acknowledgment and that simple choice to believe I AM loved, things flow with amazing grace, no matter what the situation. It is a discipline we practice, to trust in this love, one choice after the next, in all things great and small. It is a mental muscle that we flex, that makes us strong in our ability to choose love one moment at a time and therefore to have a happier experience of life.

As I created and filmed my next Series of “Ann & t he Angels” which is on “Living in the Flow of Grace” I challenged myself to practice this discipline even more deeply, and as a result everything flowed so beautifully. I waited until I was impulsed to put episodes together. In spite of what appeared to be “reasonable” I took time off, slept when tired and stayed up when not.

While filming, I surrendered any need for a rigid schedule and when timing changed here and there I found it worked to my advantage. A late start gave me time to rework an episode. The urge to go to bed early when I “should have been” studying my episodes one night, turned out extremely well as I was awakened at 2:30am by some very happy people in the hotel room above mine!!! So I studied in the middle of the night instead, napped when they quieted down, and awoke refreshed.

These are small silly examples, but when you trust that love is present in all things, then you stop wasting your time on drama and resisting life, and start to dance with it instead. When I have a big bill, rather than whining, I say, “OK God, you have a bill. Let me know what to do when.” I trust, and it has always worked out just fine. When someone is unkind, by all means, allow yourself your feelings, but then get on with life. They said what they said, did what they did… now what? Now what is the next most loving choice you can make, first to honor your own bright spirit and then by default theirs too. Sometimes honoring a person’s spirit means you will not dignify their darkness. You turn away, set a healthy boundary, allow yourself the grace of knowing that you can choose kindness.

So this week give it a try. Dance with life. When something you don’t like happens, do the most loving thing for yourself that you can think of then and there, whether it is a kind thought, turning away from insanity, or just projecting love. There isn’t only one right and wrong way to live life. There is only a loving and unloving way. And as the angels say over and over… “Love feels better.”

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