Cultivating your dreams

I like to garden. I have a very, very tiny strip of soil on one side of my house. I don’t have much time to tend it. Its not an ideal spot regarding light and shade, and the soil had to be augmented with a great deal of sand to avoid flooding when we get our monsoon rains. Nonetheless, things grow there. I don’t follow any rules whatsoever, but what I do manage is to listen to my intuition about when to plant, water, weed, and love the tiny plants after I put them in. This spring, even with the arizona soil, I got enough tomatoes to keep me from buying any for months and a few stragglers are still coming in, in spite of the heat. My basil crop promises to provide me with pesto to last the winter months, and an adorable little eggplant is currently forming for my dinging pleasure. I get just enough jalapenos to supply my salsa craving and enough other herbs to make tea and spice up my dinners.

Gardening is a lot like manifestation. When you put a seed in the ground, its like planting your intention. You do it in the dark soil of life. You don’t have a clue how your manifestation will grow or when it will pop up to the surface. You water it with love, weed out your beliefs, and wait. If you keep taking God’s pulse to see if He heard you its like digging up the seeds to see if they’re growing! Doubt delays the process. If you pick the fruits or veggies too soon, its like settling for less than what you want rather than waiting for your manifestation to arrive in its ripe full glory. So gardening, like manifesting, takes just a bit of work, and a lot of patience. The more you water and nourish your veggies, the riper they will grow. The more you water and nourish your dreams with faith, the riper they will grow too. The more you weed the more space the plants have to grow. The more you weed out your negative beliefs, the more ways in which God can make your dreams come true.

So during this time on earth when truly so many feel stuck, plant the seeds of your dreams with intent, water them with faith, weed out the beliefs, and wait for your dreams to come pushing into the light!

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