Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate! I love the playfulness, creative vibe, and generosity of the season. No matter what is going on, on this earth, the holidays give us pause to celebrate all that is beautiful in life.

In my younger days, we trick-or-treated in a large pack of kids, going from door to door for hours, filling our pillowcases with candy. It’s a wonder I still have teeth after all that sugar, but oh it was fun! While the world has changed, I still love giving out treats and baking pumpkin muffins for those that support me all year long. I just dropped off a batch to the postal folks and enjoyed a few minutes of delicious shared joy.

I no longer wait for life to “make me happy.” I choose to focus on things that do make me happy no matter what is thrown my way. When people are unkind, I’m kinder to myself. When I’ve had injuries I find things I can do rather than focusing on what I can’t. When the world is nuts, I choose to spread more kindness. It makes me feel good to do so. It would be oh so easy to “go down with the ship” as the saying goes in our world today. The news makes it look like we’re going to “hell in a handbasket,” but that is only one tiny window into a much larger reality.

Every day I see brave souls reaching beyond the veil to connect with dear ones who have died, striving with all their hearts and souls to let heaven’s love flow into their lives. It isn’t easy. They are human, grieving, and hurting from the human loss, and yet living in a greater truth in which there is no death of the soul and no disconnection. I am humbled before these individuals. They have the courage to unblock love’s flow.

Years ago I worked with an incredible woman who went through the unthinkable. She lost her mother. Her daughter was murdered. Her husband left her. All of this occurred in less than two years, but this dear, amazing, resilient soul, never stopped reaching for the light. We worked to connect her with her loved ones in spirit and her willingness to believe in their presence and their love, opened her to incredible experiences. She felt their love. She believed in their love. She even saw energy at times. In her regular life, she attracted a few men to date who helped her “put her feet back in the water” so to speak, and after three fun but temporary relationships, she met a man who, decades later, is still the love of her life. She will always live in my heart as an example of someone who, in some of the most impossible circumstances, believed in love, opened to its flow, and allowed it to transform her life for the better.

Right now we’re being bombarded with a diversity of energies. We feel it in our bodies. Mother earth is shifting and venting and blowing volcanoes in many locations and we feel the tension and release in our own bodies. There are people striving for greater love and people trying so hard to keep us in fear. There are those celebrating freedom and those trying to restrict it. It doesn’t matter! Love is still there, available to us all. Freedom is still ours if we align with love’s flow. Even those who are quitting jobs because they don’t want vaccines are finding new and better ones when they align with love. We have the freedom to unblock access to the Source and supply of all good or to pinch it off.

I am always in awe of how there are so many realities going on in one world, all at the same time. When I’m in a high vibe I go to the grocery store and have delightful conversations with people of all beliefs, races, ages, and genders. When I occasionally get down or tired, I run into all the sad, angry people.

Last week I was deep in the forest, hiking in the cold creek in the early morning hours. While I wear insulated pants and shoes, I used to be terrified of cold water. A few years ago I confronted that fear head-on, learned the Wim Hof Method, and got over it. Now ice water feels like love. There’s something amazing about feeling the peace of a warm soul in the midst of external forces.

Standing there, in a thigh-high pool of chilly water, serenaded by the trickle of water flowing bubbling over the rocks, the wind in the trees, and the morning bird symphony. I felt like I was standing in heaven. Fall colors dotted the cliffs around me and the Presence of the Love that lives in all things was a vibrating, pulsating, palpable energy.

I melted into it all – no separation between little “self” and big “Self.”Needless to say, this feeling inside of me carried me right into encounters with delightful souls, great food, freshly pressed, home-grown apple cider, and even a deep peace as I sat in a serious traffic jam on the way home. I trust Life’s timing. I ended up next to a cute red truck that looked like it drove straight out of a Hallmark Christmas special. The license plate read PHXSNTA. I laughed! I had just been thinking about presents for my dear ones. Love pays attention to the details. Love wants to delight.

Even though things are a bit nuts in many ways on this planet, there is SO much good and infinite Loving God available at all times. Love is there no matter what is right in front of our vision, waiting patiently beneath the surface for us to focus on it, believe in it, and allow ourselves to feel it pouring into our lives.

Here are a few pointers on how to keep open to love’s flow, even when things seem scary

1. Get back in the present

Fear can only grip us when we focus on what might happen in the future. Right here, right now, we can and will handle anything in front of us. Right here, right now you’re sitting somewhere reading a newsletter. Right here, right now what could happen, might happen, what you don’t want to happen, is not happening.

Find something to appreciate and enjoy in this moment. Focus on it. You can take your attention away from scary things and focus on what is good here and now.

The more you can look around and tell yourself, “There is a lot of beauty, goodness, and kindness here in the world right now,” the less fear can manipulate and control you.

2. Imagine the best

When you catch yourself imagining the worst – whether it is the worst possible outcome, the worst about someone else, the worst about yourself – stop. Catch yourself and say to yourself, “This doesn’t feel good!” The imagine the best. Make it up. See how that feels. Your feelings are the indicator as to whether or not you are open to love’s endless supply or pinching it off. Choose thoughts that feel better.

For example, I have a friend in a really tough situation right now. This friend can’t hear much that I say to encourage. So instead of fearing the worst, I’ve made up a glorious story about how God might work in their life to help them out of the problem. I focus on it daily. Love is unblocked in my heart and life, and even though they aren’t open to it in great measure, perhaps my strong loving flow will find a way in – because even in spite of doubts, this person does want to feel God’s love.

Likewise, when I go on a trip, I program the energy in advance. I imagine the best possible situation. Years ago when my parents wanted a family vacation to celebrate their 70th birthdays at Disney world (in the middle of hurricane season!) I imagined the weather being perfect. I imagined a wonderful time and magical, loving experiences. Four hurricanes missed us! One finished the day we arrived. One arrived the day after we left. Another went south, and a fourth went north! We enjoyed Disney World in the sunshine.

When I get up in the morning with an “impossible” to-do list, a full in-box, and commitments I’m not sure how I’m going to meet, I imagine the best. I imagine grace, flow, ease, and feeling wonderful at the end of the day. I open to love’s supply and when I do this, the days flow like magic.

We can slowly but surely shift our habitual focus on imagining the worst and instead train ourselves to imagine (and therefore allow) the best.

3. Soothe yourself when you’re afraid

Sometimes fear is gripping. The bad thoughts won’t go away. The body tenses up and gets cold. We shiver and shake. When this happens, the best thing to do is wrap a blanket around yourself and invite the angels into it to give you a big warm, fuzzy, hug from spirit. Make a cup of tea, cocoa, or coffee, or your favorite soothing beverage. Have a good meal. Read something inspiring or distracting. Talk a walk or a nap. Watch happy videos.

Soothe yourself with kindness when you are afraid. There’s no point in beating yourself up if you already feel bad. Be kind to yourself as you would to a scared child.

This week, don’t trick yourself into believing the darkness has any power over you at all. Instead treat yourself to something sweet, kind, and beautiful… and celebrate that there is always love waiting to come into our lives. May all your frights turn to light… and beyond that delight!

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