From what I see in my in-box and in my own life, earth is a challenging place these days. That said, God still lives within it all. Possibilities still exist. It just takes a strong willpower to focus more on what we want than what we don’t.

I’m still rebuilding & backing up files on my old computer after it crashed three weeks ago. It didn’t look like a blessing at first, until I changed my focus. I needed to clean up the hard drive. I needed to get my backups organized. I needed to understand how to research and prepare for a new computer that will last me another decade or so. I needed to prepare to reorganize over 40TB of information. What a blessing to do this NOW, during the summer, when I was healing and had a lighter schedule, than later in the year when things are insanely busy. What a blessing! I create my future digital transitions being easy and graceful.

Simultaneously, I was dealing with fears that came up around a tooth/gum/jaw infection were quite stunning. They weren’t thoughts in my mind. They were shaking, quivering, chills emerging from the depths of my body memory, from other lifetimes. I faced them one by one. “Thank you for trying to protect me, but I’m fine now. You have to go into the light now.” I got to the point where I was so strong minded that when the fear tremors started up, I went right along with it, shaking them off like a dog shaking water off its back, and then re-imagining the tremors by dancing, singing, and focusing on being excited that I was creating a miracle healing.

As I mentioned last week, it ends up I didn’t need a root canal. Just as I pictured earlier the dentist looked at my x-rays and said they were fine. I went back one last time just to be sure things were ok since I wasn’t completely healed. I told God to give my dentist100% absolute clarity about the best thing for my mouth, and the kindest, least invasive thing to do. He looked inside and said the infection was gone, but that I was having an auto-immune response now! What a gift! I realize I was very down on myself earlier in the year after some emotional poundings and that is what always triggers the body to beat itself up! More old “root causes” to dig up. I shifted that energy immediately.

I’m healing so quickly now. it is miraculous. I’m doing mantras, meditations, and visualizations and see perfect gums in my inner world. They are beginning to appear in my physical reality too! We are energy. Switch the frequency, switch the material illusions of reality into a better possible future. I’m onto this one… finally. I cannot wait for tomorrow’s gazes. The energy is going to be very strong after all this inner work!

After dealing with all that, I received news that a dear friend, who had a huge and positive impact on my life, left his body. For several years we supported each others growth, publications and passions. But then he moved, found girlfriends, and didn’t keep in touch as much. I missed him. One day, this May, while driving to Sedona, he was in my mind so strongly, I started to pray for him. Sure enough I woke up from a nap by the creek and there he was with his amazing girlfriend sitting across the creek. We talked, laughed, and just enjoyed a beautiful few minutes of reconnecting. Three months later he’s in heaven, and although I will miss him dearly I give thanks for the blessing of that “chance” meeting, and know the possibilities for developing this friendship in an even more expanded and loving way exist.

Feeling his joy and freedom remind me that the possibility exists for us to create that here on earth. I have had it before. I am creating it again. I do not wish to wait until I die.

So yes, life can be scary, hard, hurtful, and uncertain on the outside, but with our own free will, focus, and conviction to create a future we love, we can change everything on a dime.

Here are a few pointers to help you look more at the possibilities than at the “reality” in front of you when times are tough….

1. Get Present

Fear is a projection of past misunderstandings into the future. It is not real. If something fearful were happening right now you’d be handling it. God would guide you. Instead 99% of our fears are memories trying to warn us not to repeat unpleasant circumstances again. Sounds logical, right? But in reality it is a vibrational problem because fear blocks our ability to BE in the present and hear our guidance.

So when you are afraid, stop. Look around you. Take note of, and appreciate everything and everyone beautiful and good around you. I sat there shaking one day, till I got present and started appreciating my home, the flower in the yard, the hummingbird, my amazing family and friends, my overall good health, God… suddenly this infection seemed SO small compared to the magnitude of good in the universe. God could wave a pinky finger and heal it if I got myself out of the way I realized. Suddenly, overwhelmed with gratitude and feeling loved by the cosmos, I got strong minded. Things started healing more rapidly.

When you’re present, you can handle what is in front of you. Drop into your heart. Breathe. Simply ask, “What do I do next?” Trust the first inkling. The heart doesn’t lie.

2. Think of as many possible futures as you can…
Don’t get “spinning ball” syndrome!

Fear fixates us on the worst possible future. “I could die. I could suffer. Someone else could die or suffer.” Fear obsesses like the spinning ball on a rogue app that you can’t quit because it’s stuck! In reality there are countless possible futures Sit down and make a list of as many as you can think of.

Years ago, I once asked the angels how a friendship would proceed. They replied, ever truthful, “That depends what you two create! You could become best friends. You could become lovers. You could take a hike and get eaten by bears. You could kill each other. You could spend some time together then drift. You could create together….” They went on and on with both plausible and absurd possibilities until I truly saw that the universe was infinite!

So when I had my infection I started up with the exercise…”It could take over my mouth and rot me away like I did in a dungeon centuries ago.” Scratch that one. I knew I wasn’t creating that! “It could be such a little thing that I’d laugh over all this insanity later. It could be my opportunity to get closer to God, creating more miracles for myself and others, and the best thing that ever happened. (I liked that one!) It could be something stupid I’d forget. It could require massive surgery (scratch that one), and on I went. I decided I liked the one about getting closer to God and creating more miracles!

Write down as many possible futures as you can – both plausible and ridiculous.

3. Pick the Best Possible Future… not matter how Crazy it Seems.  Then Go for it

Out of your list of possible futures, pick the best one. Start to picture it, feel it, imagine it, and create it. Think of it when you’re waking up and falling asleep because then your brain is highly suggestive. Get pictures that represent your dreams. Make a vision board if you or collect them on your computer.

I looked at a picture of healthy rooted teeth every day and guess what showed up when my dentist x-rayed mine! Instead of obsessively letting fear put you in “spinning ball” syndrome, be obsessive in thinking about the wild and wonderful future you want to create.

All things are indeed possible with God. The question is not, “What will God grant us,” but rather, “What will we, through our focus and free will, grant ourselves?”

Go for it. The world needs your peace. The world needs your joy. Your mind is yours to reclaim from the myriad of false programs that surround us.

So while many are in fear here on the planet, we have options, possibilities as yet undreamt, and we can, through our focus and free will steer ourselves towards a wonderful future!

Love you all!

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