I feel like this message was directed at me. I have often asked the angels, “How do we follow our hearts when we want two things at once?” One of the most common examples is when someone wants to pay the bills in the present but totally wants a different job. My example last week was that I wanted to continue to serve humanity in greater ways but was resisting the “packaging” that the world seems to need. “So what is truly following the heart?” I asked the angels.

“Always embrace your deepest truth in the moment,” they answered. Ok, I could buy that. My deepest truth is a desire to serve humanity by sharing the message of God’s love with as many people as possible. “Surrender then dear one, to what comes with that, as long as it does not compromise the love that you are.” Well, getting a nice haircut, and some updated clothing certainly didn’t compromise the loving being that I am although I have to admit at first it was a bit outside the comfort zone ( now I’m all over my issues and am enjoying looking a little better!).

I realize that all throughout my life I have had to commit to a path and then surrender to the very same. For example, when I wanted to pay my bills as an engineer but wanted to have a more meaningful career, I had to surrender to paying my bills as an engineering while praying for and intending a new career. I became the best engineer I could be during those final years and left with head held high. When the guidance came to quit, I had to surrender to that in spite of all my fears. When Nancy Shilling, a dear psychic and one of my mentors pushed me out in public, I resisted, and yet was told by the angels that if I wanted this meaningful career, at some point I had to get out in public. I chose to surrender.

I used to joke that I was queen of resistance but thank heaven I’ve surrendered my crown. I would pray for something, get it and then resist what came with it! I think we all do that.

So if you have seemingly conflicting desires, surrender to the most immediate (for example going to work to pay the bills) while praying for what you want in the future. Another example is when people want a great relationship but are fixed on one that isn’t. Ok, so you want to be in the one you are in now, and you can surrender to that, be the best you can be in it, and at the same time pray for God to bring you the love you seek whether it is in the current relationship transformed or in another.

For me, the choice I make constantly that changes my life is the choice to pray for help. God give me the strength and the wisdom to surrender to my path every step of the way. Make me love it. If you want me to know anything make it obvious… seriously… I wasn’t joking when I shared my favorite prayer last week. And you know what, it works 🙂

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