I have had so many people coming into my office asking about fatigue these past few weeks. I have had days when after work I lay down on the couch and go out of body for two hours, wake up, eat dinner, work for a few more hours, and fall asleep! And somehow, the chores are getting done, the emails are getting answered, and the house is getting maintained. The angels told me a long time ago that if I listen to my body and my inner direction and honor it, I would actually be more productive. This has proven to be true. I can’t get a thing done when I’m exhausted. But after I rest, I can accomplish a great deal. Some days rest is a two minute break with my eyes shut and a quick prayer as the angels have said. When I used to work in a corporation, I’d sneak into the rest room, shut the door, shut my eyes and pray for a quick refill from the heavens. There is always a way!

I’ve also had to pump myself full of positive images and inspiration lately to stay up and inspired for all those I serve. The energy on earth is intense, and I feel it too. Each day I give all that I have to give, and then each night, after swimming around in the enery of others all day, I do what it takes to get back to being Ann and to feeling my own heart. Lately fairy tales have been my way of entering the realms of magic again! I watched one called “Enchanted” and although to some it might be a corny kid’s movie, I loved it. The princess in a cartoon fairy tale gets zapped by the evil queen into a human being in New York City. She is, by nature, sweet and kind even when others aren’t. And of course, her sweetness transforms lives.

I think that’s what God asks of us – that we be sweet and kind and loving even in the face of unkindness, not that we be doormats – but that we remain true to our nature. I know that when I am filled with good feelings, feeling God’s love, and ready to share that love with the world, I go out to run errands and get the best parking spaces, green lights in traffic, and run into kind and helpful souls along the way.

Filling yourself with good feelings takes work at times in this world. If we wait for life or someone else to fill us with good feelings, in my opinion, we are wasting time. Life doesn’t always fill us with good feelings. When I went out to get the mail Thursday night and discovered a huge leak in my sprinkler system as the sun was setting, it didn’t fill me with good feelings! Neither did digging in the soggy mud by flashlight to find and fix the leak. However, I had a choice there to feel sorry for myself, or to just thank God I didn’t have a sinkhole, and I did have a flashlight! I had a choice to whine about how hungry I was or to go inside and eat. We always have choices.

Waiting for life to uplift you is a gamble.

Choosing to focus on things that uplift you is a sure bet 🙂

As I sat there basking in happy feelings at the end of the movie, Jesus came by and filled me with incredible love and sweetness. I was so blissed out. I could barely move for over two hours. I needed to just sit there and fill myself with that love. When we tap into a vibration of love and joy, we open up to feeling more. Who would have thought that joyous feelings from a fairy story about a princess and a prince would bring me a visit from the one known as the “Prince of Peace?” And to make matters even funnier, I found a single plexi-glass slipper in the thrift store the next day and… had to search for the match!! Universal humor! The angels say often, in regards to relationships and all our life’s activities, either they fit or they don’t 🙂

We can choose to fill ourselves with good feelings no matter what. We can choose to look at things that inspire and uplift us. We can choose to look for the good in any situation. We can choose activities that bring us joy or unfortunately we can lie to ourselves and choose to do things that arent’ authentic and drag us down. When giving is God-inspired it is a total joy. When giving comes from duty, guilt, shame, or other shoulds, it is a chore. The angels have often told me, when you are tired, rest. When you have energy, time, or money to give, ask God where to direct it. We are all the hands, eyes, and mouths, that share God’s love on this planet. But we have to consciously and constantly refill our spirits so that we have energy to give. So be honest with yourself and rest if you’re tired, focus on the good in the world and seek it out rather than getting spoonfed the despair and depression that seems to run rampant. Seek out the stories that inspire you. Watch movies that uplift you. Fill yourself with good food, good feelings, and take time to sit still and feel the love of God and the angels.

Then, you’ll weather the changes in this world, with joy.

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