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I am in the throes of new lessons on balancing living 100% in my truth while at the same time allowing others’ to have their truths. Sometimes I shine at it, other times I bombed. The subject has been coming at me from all angles.

A few things really struck me in this process of growth. A friend told me about a type of exercise in China that people were being persecuted and killed for performing, simply because there was a large following and it revved up people’s spiritual energy and a prior government feared it would be more powerful than they were. The videos on youtube were horrifying to me – it reminded me of the persecution of the women during the Inquisition and the persecution of the Jewish people in the holocaust. Any time any group is singled out for persecution, there is a sickness in human hearts and that sickness is fear… fear that the ones who instigate the persecution are not powerful, which really comes from the ignorance and the misunderstanding of the fact that they along with all of us are beloved by God and powerful beyond measure. Ironic that the the ones who instigate such atrocities will be greeted at end of their lives by the a long line of souls they thought they ‘killed’ who greet them with the understanding that they are eternal, that a soul can never be killed, and that an ideology cannot be stamped out by physical death. It is none other than the right hand beating the left for one human to do harm to another. It is domestic violence of the worst sort, for we are all one family. And yet, the angels remind me, we must stop beating ourselves up and we must stop beating up others for their ideologies in order to raise our own consciousness because only then can the world truly change. It starts with us.

Secondly, a client sent me an email saying the Catholic church had deemed Reiki unacceptable and that, in the words of the Catholic Bishops, “in using Reiki for one’s spiritual health, ‘there are important dangers.'” I was appalled. Reiki is a gentle system of assisting in the body’s natural healing abilities, in which the practitioner allows healing energy to flow through their hands into another. Whether you call this energy chi, prana, Holy Spirit, Universal life force or whatever, there is only one healing energy and movement of God in the universe. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. But then the angels stepped in and reminded me that it is not my place to put down another’s belief, EVEN if it puts down my own. And so I had to take a step back, breathe, calm my natural desires to respond to this with outrage, and to remember that everyone has a right to the beliefs and the world views that they choose to espouse. And we don’t all have to agree.

I’ve been presented with numerous opportunities over the past few weeks to both express my truth and allow others to have theirs. In some cases I’ve done it very well and in others I’ve failed miserably. I have a lot more practice before I can consistently allow others their opinion of me and my life, while still maintaining my own opinions with grace and diplomacy. Its a fine line between being a doormat and a warrior. Its a fine line to know your truth and allow others theirs without judgment and argument. Its a fine line between the soul’s truth that all stand in their own sacred circle of perspective and the human ego’s need for acknowledgment and validation. I’m trying to walk that fine line now, and its not easy… but it IS worth the effort because when I can, greater love emerges. And even when I mess up, I learn.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put aside our fears of one another’s belief systems, our need to be right and righteous, our pride, and our desire to build ourselves up and validate ourselves by putting other’s down. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world if, like children, we could approach one another with a sense of discovery and a total tolerance for the amazing diversities we all share. I am being idealistic here, but I believe that idealism starts with us. So I am watching myself more closely, working even harder to speak my truth with compassion while allowing others’ theirs. I’m working harder not to judge those who would judge me. I am working to not be prejudiced against the prejudice, to send love to the haters, and to realize that we are all part of God’s creation. Why not choose to espouse the greatest commandment of all – Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. It starts there. I prayed for the torturers along with the victims, and I prayed for the Catholic Bishops as well as the Reiki practitioners worldwide. I prayed for those who are upset with me and those I’ve been upset with as well. In God’s love we are all one family. Someday, maybe, the world will figure this out. For now, we can start by choosing to live that way – one loving encounter at a time.

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