The Christmas season for me, used to be filled with expectations. I had so much to do, and so many things to attend. This year, I have truly discovered that less is more. I have enjoyed the sweet peace of the season every step of the way. So it came as a little shock when a cold started trying to come in last Monday. Sure I didn’t get much rest this weekend but I enjoyed the company of good friends on Saturday and spent Sunday baking quite a few dishes to get me through this busy week before the holidays. So when I woke up Monday with the little scratchiness that warns you of an impending stuffy head and cough, I decided I was not going to get sick before Christmas. Period.

I did what the angels always suggest – bring light into the darkness. I thanked the little cold vibration for remind me not to go nuts this week. I rested on a day usually spent furiously running errands and doing my office work and writing. I ate my garlic and spicy salsa, prayed, and asked God to help me get the gifts of this cold before it started to set in. By Tuesday the vibration was on its way out. I pretty much skipped it entirely! I ended up with a little cough that is not comfortable but I totally avoided the stuffy head, runny nose, or terrible scratchiness these things can bring – and I’m determined to get this cough out of me pronto as well. What a gift! Truly it was for me a reminder that there is never a need for a battle, but rather a need for love.

The lesson continued throughout the week. The pool equipment broke and started leaking. My heater stopped working perfectly. A doghouse I ordered arrived damaged. I suspended the urge to be irritated and sent love to all involved. The dear pool repair people came out faster than I could have guessed. The heater started working better even before the repair folks could make it and the doghouse company agreed to pay for repairs. Had I gotten upset it would have been a different story.

Challenges exist, always and forever. Life is life. But when we bring love into the darkness, as the angels say, into the challenges, into the vibrations of illness, into the situations where you’d rather holler, into the frustrations and upsets of life, it is amazing how quickly these challeges move on through your life.

Regardless of religious beliefs, Christmas is a celebration of light in the darkness, and Hanukka is the festival of lights. So no matter what you celebrate, celebrate the fact that you can bring the light of God’s love into any situation and watch it transform. Call for that light to illuminate your heart in times that are challenging and to amplify in times of joy.

I wish you a blessed Christmas and a beautiful holiday. You are all in my heart and I am blessed to be on this journey with you.

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