A few weeks ago I enjoyed a glorious 8 mile hike. I didn’t quite stay on the path! A few days later, a perfectly heart shaped patch of poison oak rash appeared on my leg. It was a blessing in disguise.

Of course, I didn’t see it as a blessing immediately! Instead I started to berate myself. “Why can’t you pay more attention when you get happy! You know you’ve been going through a detox. You should have been more careful…” On and on I went until I caught myself in an uncharacteristic litany of self criticism and started laughing. Enough!

I shifted my thinking immediately. “Its really not that big. Most of my skin is nice and clear. This too shall pass. And look, it’s cute! What are the odds it looks like a heart? Ok God, I want a miracle healing. I don’t want to itch and suffer for three weeks, and I want to know what to do right now!” I allowed myself my feelings, shifted my thoughts, and awaited guidance.

A phrase popped in my head and I googled it. Lo and behold, I found a natural remedy I had forgotten all about. Within a day the itching stopped and within three days the rash was almost gone. Here’s the blessing part. While googling the cure for the poison oak, I ran across an ad for liver pills. I had never heard of and had no reason to pay attention. Nonetheless, something made me take note.

Feeling better I started to celebrate and reaffirm my intentions, “I have pure and clear skin. Every new cell that grows in my body grows with the imprint of Divine perfection.” A day later I went into an extreme allergic reaction. I wanted to cry. “Enough God! I know I’m detoxing, but really? Fix me. Now. What do I need to do?” I started to sit and breathe and receive my angels’ love…

Suddenly those liver pills popped into my head. That was my answer! I was having all these reactions because my body was clearing old frequencies from this and past lives, and it was more than my little liver could handle. That explained why I had suddenly lost my taste for meat a few days prior, and was craving only clean vegetarian food. The universe wanted to make sure I got the message. Within seconds an email came in from a dear client with “more” and “liver” in her name!

I got the supplements, gave my body what it wanted and the allergy was gone in a day. I feel amazing. It was a miraculous shift. That little heart-shaped patch of poison oak was indeed a blessing in disguise! And now, every new cell is indeed growing in Divine Perfection!

Here are a few pointers to help you feel your feelings and then shift to better…

1. Don’t stuff your feelings

At least once a day, take the time to check in with yourself and note what you are feeling. If you need to, you can share your feelings with your angels in private, in a journal, or out loud. You can sit in quiet contemplation before bed. Simply acknowledge, “I am joyous. I am anxious. I am sad. I am upset.” Your feelings won’t kill you and you will experience far greater relief if you can face them, rather than stuffing them or avoiding them in anxious or addictive behaviors.

If you have a sudden burst of emotion due to an event, condition, or someone’s behavior, try not to take it out on anyone else! Instead talk to the angels, journal, or take a brisk walk. Move the energy in a healthy… don’t aim it!

2. Focus on what is already good and beautiful in your life

Problem situations are often like splinters. They may be small compared to all the good in our lives, but they feel like one huge irritation. See if you can focus back on all that is good. This puts things in perspective.

When I got poison oak I focused on the rest of my skin that was clear! When the allergy hit, I thanked God for bringing the need to eat clean and take supplements to my attention to support my overall well-being. Even clients who have had huge lawsuits have conquered their thoughts by focusing on their beautiful homes, family, and quality of life. Suddenly what was once an all consuming irritation was put in perspective… and in this new vibration… they won.

3. Figure out what you want next… pray for it & focus your intention

Now you can pray. “Dear God thank you for my beautiful life!” “Dear God, fill my mind with your peace and comfort.” “Dear God, bring me inspiration and help me find joy once again.” “Dear God I’m so angry I don’t know what to do. Show me where I need to make changes in my thoughts or behaviors.” By simply admitting your feelings to yourself, you will know what your heart authentically wants. By finding your heart, you’ll know what positive things you are seeking. This is an act of self love, and it will help to shift your vibration.

Then, do your part by focusing on what you want to create more than what you don’t!

By keeping the energy moving in such a fashion, you will weather your challenges with grace. You will purge the emotions that no longer serve you and through your prayers, start to think more loving thoughts, and then be guided to make changes so your life becomes more joyful.

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