I can’t wait to teach BE-lightful because my life has been just filled with light as of late! I don’t even feel like my old self. Stuff that used to bother me rolls off my back. Stuff that I used to put up with that isn’t right doesn’t get tolerated. I feel very clear about what is right for me in each moment and what is not, and OH Halleluia, I have given up trying to control life and my future, at least for this time period, hopefully forever!!

Life is bliss when you can embrace the moment. The angels once told me, “Ann, when you intend to create something in your life, trust that EVERYTHING that happens to you from the moment of your intention to the time of achieving your dream is HELPING you get there – EVERYTHING.” I have learned the truth of that statement over the years of guiding so many people to manifest dreams, and using the tools again and again in my own life.

I’ve been intending to trust God in everything and I keep getting opportunities to trust. Three weeks ago I was driving to Sedona when I encountered snow on the freeway. I don’t know how to drive very well in the snow, but the angels had promised me safe passage. So I just surrendered, relaxed, released my worries and asked God to drive. My arms relaxed and I felt as if every cell in me knew what I was doing. There was no white-knuckle-gripping-the-wheel-fear. In fact, I felt nothing but bliss and wonder as I watched the beauty all around me, knowing I was very safe.

When God is in charge, and you can relax into a reality where all is well, all is taken care of, all is in right order. When we try to strategize, control, and manipuate life all you-know-what breaks loose.

So keep assuming all is well in your life. If you’re intending what you want, and getting excited about having it, everything that happens in between is part of the manifestation.

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