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I have often been turned off by traditional marketing methods. While they work, many have struck me as ways of manipulating people to make a sale, pressuring people to buy, or convincing people they had a need. It seems like so much work! And yet I get people starting businesses all the time who ask me how to market themselves. The answer from the angels is pretty simple: 1) Be yourself rather than what you feel people expect of you, 2) Do what you love and are good at, and 3) Find a way to let people know what you are doing without any pressure – just share what you do. In simply radiating our light and love out to the world – however we do that best – people who need us can find us.

I’ll never forget when I started doing readings in a local bookstore. I was psychic in the window on the slowest days of the week. Hardly anyone came in! I had just quit engineering and left behind a nice big salary and I was terrified about paying my bills. Furthermore, I made only about $6 after taxes for a 15 minute session even when someone did come in! I prayed very hard. The angels gave me two tools to build my entire business. Simple as they seem, they both worked.

The first was just a little meditation. They had me sit quietly every morning, feeling how much I loved to help people. As I felt the love for my work, they had me imagine the light in my heart radiating out in all directions. I would let the light build until I was floating in a bubble of radiant light. At that point they told me to simply say in my mind and heart, “If I can help you with my work, and you will honor the exchange, please find me.” People started walking into the bookstore saying, “I’m not sure why I am here, but I think you can help me.” I knew I had connected with their soul and that the interaction would serve us both. Talk about angel marketing! Heaven always seeks to bring us mutually beneficial partnerships whether business or personal.

The second tool was gratitude. After each client the angels tasked me to drop into my heart and feel gratitude for the ability to serve that person. “Thank you God for allowing me to serve this soul. I am ready to help the next one.” They asked me to say this after each client. Discussions of money were not allowed in these prayers. Instead they suggested I focus on my soul’s true gratitude. I did love helping people so that was easy. As I focused on the service, rather than the money, two magical things happened. I felt rich because I was able to share my gifts with people and in this vibration people sensed that they would receive help. Secondly when I removed money from the discussion, fear went away as well. In the absence of fear, business picked up. Soon the two slowest days of the week became the two busiest days. Love is what built my business, not strategy, manipulation, glossy ads, or any sort of conventional means. Just plain love.

I also taught one-person classes when I started teaching. The angels taught me to value these experiences. We cannot judge the value of our work by the magnitude. We have to simply ask, “Am I doing what feels right in my heart. Am I sharing of my true self?” If so you are already right in God’s eyes. I needed to start small to grow in confidence, to refine my teaching style, and to begin in humility. Had I not done that I would not be able to teach the masses now.

So if you are starting a business or a project that involves others, center yourself in the love within you. Focus on the service and the joy of serving. And if you cannot find the joy, question whether or not you are doing what you are doing for the right reasons. It is your love and your joy that are the true abundance in the world. It is the ability to share of the God light within you that is the richest possession you have. In sharing of your time, talent, kindness, inspiration, or even simply your prayers, you make the world a better place… simply because you are in it. This is the true wealth that we all long for, and funny… when you feel rich with the ability to share, the universe somehow meets the rest of your needs as well.

Have a week of true abundance and let your light shine!
Love and hugs,

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