I loved the energies that moved through this planet in May. If God was a woman, I’d say she just dumped out the contents of her purse to sort through them and, metaphorically, we’re all doing the same!

I woke up shaking a few weeks ago, as I wrote in a prior newsletter, both in solidarity with the earth, and also knowing that I was shaking off old karmic bonds within my soul. After my Dancing with Angels class, and the gaze at the end, I felt a beautiful clarity about my life. I saw everyone and everything in it through the eyes of God.

I also saw clearly, areas in my life where I was still not prioritizing my own work and dreams. Suddenly the angels’ wisdom about putting myself first in order to greater serve the world, sunk in a bit deeper. I had to cancel several upcoming activities, pull my energies within and focus on my own projects.

I saw patterns in my choices that still caused me to put others’ joy before my own. The angels constantly remind me that if we each handled our own joy, everyone would be joyful! After months of intense work, I’m taking a little time off to hike, get a massage, go deep within, and spend with friends.

I went on a mission to eradicate any unfulfilling or unhappy thoughts.Every time I had a negative thought I made myself think three positive ones. While we all feel justified at times, with our own unpleasant thinking, I would far rather focus on being happy than right!

There are times in our lives such as these when we realize we’ve haven’t recently stopped to ask the angel’s questions, “What thoughts, patterns, activities, etc., support my joy? Which do not?”

Such self-honesty is not always easy. We have to take a new level of responsibility for our own joy. Instead of blaming others for our challenges, or our reactions, we have to take a look at why we allow behaviors that hurt. Instead of feeling victimized by life, we have to make changes. Nonetheless, the freedom you feel when you know you are no longer at the mercy of the outer world, is priceless!

Sometimes I have to dump my purse upside down, sort through everything within, and reorganize it to make it work better for me. Sometimes we have to do that with our lives too!

Here are some pointers this week to help you take inventory, make healthy changes, and weather these catalytic energies with grace.

1. Jump-Start Your Joy!

Get a piece of paper and list 100 thoughts that give you joy – thoughts of gratitude, thoughts of self worth, thoughts about your favorite ice cream, people you love, positive quotes and affirmations, etc. Put it where you can see it every morning, or read it when you’re down.

I once kept a “Journal of Happy Thoughts” that I could open anytime I needed a burst of positive energy. I used bright markers to randomly jot down things I was grateful for, uplifting thoughts and quotes. The positive energy I put into it provided instant elevation every time I opened it!

Or if you’re creatively inclined, create a “Joy Board.” This is like a vision board. Cut out pictures and quotes that inspire joy every time you look at them and put it where you can see it every day.

While Joy is really an inside job, we can help it along by focusing on all that inspires us!

2. Replace Every Negative Thought with 3 Positive Ones

Every time you think a negative thought, replace it with three positive ones!

If you can find positive thoughts on the same topic as the negative one, great. If not pick any three positive thoughts about anything!

Negative thought – My ex is a jerk!
Positive thoughts – I loved him/her at one time. He/she has many good qualities. I really have grown through this relationship.

Negative thought – (Fearful) I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills!
Positive thoughts – I am grateful for what I have today. Something has always worked out. The universe supports me. I’m learning to have faith.

Negative thought – The world is a mess!
Positive thoughts – The roses are blooming. I have ice cream in the freezer. I have friends I love!

While this might seem trite, contrived, and even ridiculous at times, you are rewiring your brain every time you consciously choose better thoughts, and therefore starting to take charge of your energy field and what it attracts

3. Slowly make changes in your life to bring more joy…

Is a relationship unsatisfying? How can you either spend less time in it, have a conversation that deepens it, or move away from it?

Are you engaged in activities out of duty or habit that aren’t really in your heart? Get creative. Talk to friends for ideas. See how you can disengage.

Do you have something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t yet? Start taking even the smallest steps. I just scheduled a massage and some down time.

Even the smallest steps towards joy allow huge amounts of positive energy to filter into your life.

The energies a few weeks ago were cataclysmic, but ultimately they are moving us into a beautiful time of of greater love, greater joy, greater order, and greater peace! I hope you feel it!

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