I am a little Christmas crazy. I love the season. The decorations are up. Thanksgiving dinner was half prepped a week before. My hot cider is spiced with cinnamon and cloves and I’ve already been watching the Hallmark holiday channel late at night.

However, this year, unlike Christmases past, I am slowing down when I do the holiday activities and making sure I enjoy them. I’m not rushing through the to-do list. I’m being present with myself and doing things I truly feel like doing when I feel like doing them. Of course, as a result, I’m getting more accomplished! The house was decorated before I bought the turkey. The cards may or may not get done. Shopping isn’t as exciting right at present, so I’m not sure how much I’ll do.

Echoes of the angels’ words are in my head at all times. “If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it.” Every time I get sucked into “I have to,” I remind myself, “I choose to…” I strolled slowly through Costco before Thanksgiving, enjoying samples, and smiling at frenzied shoppers, and sharing recipes in the checkout line. I put up the outdoor lights on a sunny warm day when climbing the ladder was actually fun. (For a short girl, you get a whole different view of the neighborhood!). I cooked my 12 course Thanksgiving meal over the course of a week to spread it out and make it fun.

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that the season is all about love. Loving life. Loving ourselves. Loving those dear to us, and loving total strangers too… The key is and always will be, choosing love in each moment. The Christ-light is there for all of us, all the time. No matter what our beliefs, the Divine is there, waiting for us to feel the bliss of an immense love in every single moment.

Here are some pointers to help you enjoy the holiday season…

1. If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it

The angels constantly remind me of this. Of course I countered with the obvious… “What if I have to do something, like clean up after work, or do accounting?” They smiled at me. “Focus on love then,” they answer. “Why are you doing those things?” “Because I love my work and love helping people.” “Focus on that.” Now I see such chores as an act of love with a higher purpose.

Likewise the holidays bring many expectations. Try to be as authentic as possible and if you feel you must do something you don’t really love, focus on the higher and happier reason you are doing it.

2. Share love and kindness wherever you go

Love and kindness are the real gifts of the season. They bless both giver and receiver.

A gentleman helped me back my car out in a crowded parking lot the other day. He made my day. I chatted with an elderly man who was waiting for his wife in the grocery store, and made his. A clerk in the store helped me find the missing green beans, and when I joked that he saved my Thanksgiving dinner, his playful smile lit up my day!

We crave kind personal interactions in an era where technology often distracts us from interacting face to face. Allow your kindness to bless others, even as you allow theirs to bless you.

3. Be honest… with yourself and others.

If you can’t afford extravagant presents, be honest and give what matters. If you feel like changing traditions, start a new one. If you’re not feeling terribly social politely decline invitations.

By honoring the truth within you, you honor everyone else with your true Light and Presence.

This season can get very busy but it can also be a time to master some profound spiritual skills. Drop into the present, be true to you, and focus on the joy… Happy Holiday Season!


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