An answer to a prayer

The more I surrender to my heart, the more I find that God is sending me help – not only with challenges, but also with dreams in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Most of you have heard me speak of Braco, the man who transmits God’s love and healing through his eyes. A week after I first had an amazing experience of his work, my angels told me to start gazing similarly for clients in private session. My first thought was an immediate, “What? Who? Me?” However after working with angels for so long, I trust them.

Each time they advised me to do this in a session, I dropped into my heart, surrendered my entire being, and let love flow. People started healing, some instantly. Migraines, sciatic, pains, grief, disappeared before the love coming through. The angels told me to start practicing every night, just opening up to allow this love to flow to all whom I’ve agreed to pray for. So every night I stand before the mirror, drop into my heart, and get my “Ann-self” out of the way, allowing love to flow. I also continue to gaze with Braco every time he live streams on the internet in an attempt to allow the energy coming through him work on me. His gift is amazing. People heal from fatal diseases, terrible life situations, etc. His website is if you want to check out times for his next gazes. I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t feel much, there is tremendous love pouring through. I always notice positive changes in my life afterwards.

Nevertheless, I’ve not met Braco except nearly literally running into him a few times at public events. He doesn’t speak to anyone except his private circles, nor does he teach, endorse, or share his beliefs. I stood before him, the same as thousands do worldwide. And so when it started happening through me on a smaller scale I was surpirsed, a little scared, and not sure about what it all meant in my life. Nonetheless, I love channeling energy. I love helping people… and I trust God. I’ve prayed for years for ways to help more without burning out and I pray daily that I be able to help people know God’s amazing love for them and to experience the joy of feeling heaven on earth. Here was an answer to that prayer in a way I never imagined.

We did a test gaze online a few times while I was out filming my show. I stood in front of a camera, got my small self out of the way, and let energy flow through me. People watched and reported back. Some had pain go away, some saw spiritual figures and angels in the energy. Most felt an intense and beautiful love overcome them. Recently some people have seen their deceased loved ones appear in the energy. And just this past few days, a friend asked me to gaze for a family member who had pneumonia and she healed in two days. It is not me-Ann doing this. I have no control over what occurs. I’m just opening up to a Love that lives within and loves us all.

So when you have a challenge or a dream, trust that if you just take life one day at a time, praying and surrendering to your heart, the solution to your challenge or manifesation of your dream may end up looking much different and even more beautiful than you might ever imagine. You might have to stretch and grow beyond who you thought you were. However, as the angels like to tease us, the creator of universe does a pretty incredible job or managing our lives!! 🙂

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