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I no longer try to create anything of significance from the outside in. Instead I do as the angels have instructed me for years and make sure I’m ready to receive what I’m asking for. I wait for guidance, patiently trusting in God’s grace and know what I’ve wished for will come at the perfect time.

Recently I had the desire for a few home decor items that I thought were going to be too expensive. I spent a small fortune on first aid supplies and supplements when I was sick. I didn’t work as much, and took days out to rest. I was unable to film my next series and had to postpone that. Spending anything other than paying off the credit card seemed financially unreasonable. So I just envisioned my house with more of my photos on the wall and let it be. God would deliver me perfect frames at the perfect time.

Earlier today instead of writing this newsletter I had the urge to go to a local craft store. It made no sense. I almost didn’t listen. But since I was in the area, I dropped in. There in front of the store were the exact frames I had wanted – 65% off, and totally affordable. I had not searched for sales. I had not said I couldn’t afford them. I simply got in the frame of mind that I’d receive in God’s time. And while this was a small thing, I applied the same principle to my healing. I pictured myself made of light. I affirmed love. I trusted even that tough situation to bring me love. Sure enough it did. I have used these same principles over and over again to allow things to flow into my life in perfect timing.

We are an impatient society. We want it all now… but in truth we really just want to be happy. So if something or someone you want isn’t in your life yet, get your internal energy right and enjoy your life, waiting for further instructions.In that fashion, everything comes in perfect order, at the perfect time, in the perfect way.

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