Allowing the feelings

In August and September I started noticing waves of people coming in for sessions, with waves of strong emotion. A phrase I heard over and over was “I feel so overwhelmed.” It wasn’t the overwhelm that comes from a lot of work, but rather the overwhelm that comes from a lot of emotion. Volcanoes were rumbling and venting in Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Iceland, Ecaudor, Indonesia, and Japan… to name a few… and with Mother Earth’s massive venting, I was starting to witness waves of human hearts venting the pressures they’ve carried for years as well. If you’re not used to having strong feelings, it can be overwhelming when your soul starts to release the pressure and bring the stuffed emotions to the surface.

Over the years, the angels have taught me to accept everything that rises up within me – all of it – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Self acceptance is the key to transformation. So when I started having strong emotions come to the surface, I did what they’ve taught me to do. The day the tears came up (for reasons I still do not understand), I grabbed a towels and let myself sob without analysis or judgment. The day the upset came up and out about allowing myself to be mistreated by energies that feed off fear, I had a massive rant and rave in private of course. I put a bubble of light around myself so as to avoid sending nasty ripples out into the cosmic pond, and let myself have full range of feelings.

As a result the light is now flowing even more strongly than before. I’ve allowed these waves of energy to cleanse and purge me and to clear away the psychic debris and there is a new strength of conviction, new abilities emerging, and a renewed enthusiasm for all the projects “on my plate.”

As the saying goes, “What we resist persists.” When you feel strong emotions coming up, let them pass through you in private. You don’t have to overanalzye or judge them. Just let them go, like a storm passing across the land that will eventually run out of energy and leave behind a refreshed and peaceful landscape.

Our souls are already whole. We are already holy. We are simply having a human experience and that sometimes requires clearing away the illusion that we are anything less than worthy of love, capable of expressing love, and in all truth, made of the very same.

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