I wish it could be Christmastime all year long. My home is cozy and filled with lights, candles, and the scent of baked good. I take time out to spend with friends and those I love. I bake, craft, and do all I can to spoil the people in my life that are close to me, knowing that they’ll allow me to give a bit more than usual this time of year. Love pours from every pore.

It is impractical for me to do all these things, all year long. My life is primarily dedicated to service. In December, however, I give myself a free pass to be fully human. I eat a little less healthy. I stay up a little too late. I am insanely and happily materialistic for one month, enjoying my shopping excursions that I’ve saved up for all year… knowing everything is God anyway and my gifts are gifts of love 🙂

There are always challenges in our lives. I let my guard down, and a negative energy came at me so strongly last weekend that I started getting a nasty cold. I started to think like a human, “Oh no, this could ruin Christmas!” I quickly course corrected, then decided to think like a soul, “The scratchy throat will be gone in two hours and that’s that and I’m going to enjoy this week!”… I sat, brought up the light from within, and so it was. I was still a little sniffly and squeaky all week but no scratchy throat, no congested lungs, and best of all no interruption to work, baking, or other holiday festivities.

It is my Christmas wish that we bring the spirit of the holiday season with us here on earth all through the year, by focusing a little more love, creating a little more joy, and embracing a little more unity – thus becoming the lights of the world.

Here are some pointers to bring up the light in darkness…

1. Focus on the light in your Body

If you have pain or tension anywhere in the body, imagine a spark of light appearing within it, growing into the area. Just sit, breathe, and let the light do its work. The light of God’s love and perfection is always there beneath the 3D experience of pain. The more we focus on it, the more we feel it.

2. Focus on the light in others

Imagine the people around you filled with light. If you have difficult people in your life, imagine their souls as a being of light within the body, who just doesn’t know it yet. The more you do this, the more you will start to relate to people soul to soul, bringing more light into your life and theirs.

3. Sit engulfed in the light yourself…

Take time to sit and breathe. Imagine a light in your heart. See it expanding outward, filling you, the room, and beyond. Sit in this space, emanating light. If you like imagine sending this light outward around the world. This is your present to the world.

I wish you all the most joyful holiday season, whatever you celebrate. I wish you peace, love, grace and the miracle of feeling the Presence of the love that lives within. You are a gift in my life.

Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

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