I dance with life all the time. My way is not always the way things work… in fact quite frequently my schedule gets rearranged by a higher power. It happened again last week….

I often spend special days in silence communing with God, my angels, and all that is. And so on my birthday, I was running out the door, with my hiking shoes on, backpack stuffed, and water bottles ready, when the sudden guidance to visit a friend became very strong. It was so strong that I changed clothes and changed my plans. I felt the angels smiling but had no idea what they were up to. And sure enough, I couldn’t believe the outpouring of love that surprised me during the day as synchronicity after synchronicity brought me in contact with the kind and generous hearted people who made the day even more special that I could have asked for. I ended up hiking the following day and so was blessed doubly.

On an office day earlier this week I was running errands. Again, I got in the car, with my plans as to what I would do first, second, third, etc. It made “logical” sense. Instead things got rearranged. I had the impulse to change the order of my errands. As I was dropping off some items to donate at a thrift store, I thanked the young man unloading the car. He stopped in his tracks and asked me what color my eyes were. “I’m not sure today.” I answered honestly, “They change.” Quite innocently, he came up to me and peered into my eyes as if looking into the depths of the ocean. Without warning (to me!) the healing energy that comes through my eyes turned itself on. My heart felt big as a barn and it felt like a river was pouring through me. He stood transfixed. I’m not sure what he felt, but suddenly he broke the gaze and shook his head and wished me a good day, looking back as he went into the warehouse. I felt so much love pouring through my heart it was amazing. I may never know what just happened there, but I do know God was pouring love through me to this soul that I encountered in a dance of divine timing.

So when you think you know how life “should” look, as the angels say, lighten up a little. Be willing to change plans, be flexible, and trust that if you get the urge to shift things around or if something doesn’t look the way you thought, just dance with life as the angels say. People are not always cooperative… move around them. Life does not always look as we think – Assume there is a higher order. It is a more relaxed and wonder-filled way to live 🙂

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