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I feel like I’ve lived an entire lifetime this week! As many of you know, I found out on the 15th that I’d be on Coast to Coast AM on the 19th. After preparing my website, my office, and most importantly the food in my fridge, I decided to prepare my spirit. In spite of the gazillion things that called for my attention, I took Saturday off for a beautiful 6 mile hike, and was rewarded with the most amazing weather, red rocks, tall pines, lupine flowers, and ferns, as well as a symphony of birdsong, and the opportunity to sit in the creek deep in a red rock canyon with not another soul around, playing “Amazing Grace” by Cecilia on my ipod. It was pure heaven. I prayed back there in the canyon, just thanking God for my life and asking Him to continue to direct me as he saw fit. I’ve written to many of you before with my favorite prayer:

God take my life.
Make me love it.
And if you want me to do anything make it so clear I can’t miss.

I think I was a bit more eloquent sitting there amidst nature’s beauty!

The rest and recreation paid off. Although I got little sleep Sunday night and only a very small nap before the show, I was able to mediate and pray for a half hour prior and ask that God work through me to say whatever He wanted to share. I also prayed that I be a clear vessel for love from the angelic realms to pour out to all the listeners who wanted to tap into that, and to George Noory as well because I figure if God sets me up to talk to anyone, I am there to help them as much as they are there to help me. As I opened up in meditation with the intent to receive God’s love and flow it through me I felt like a fire hose had been attached to my spine and I felt the energy flowing through my crown and up through my feet and out through my heart till I thought I was going to burst. It felt GREAT but I was incredibly dizzy and buzzing with energy.

The discussion went well. I felt like I was talking to a friend and the people that called in were incredible. Even one man who felt I was near heresy truly won my respect. I could tell he was scared stiff of sharing his views on the radio and even though I didn’t agree with him I wanted to reach out and hug him and tell him God really loves him and he didn’t need to be afraid of speaking in public or questioning me. We are all entitled to our views and being ‘right’ is so highly overrated that if we could just know our truth and our relationship with God in our own hearts, and be loving and kind to one another with respect we could stop wars. I was pondering this the next day when I got stuck behind a Jeep with the logo “There is Only One” written on the spare tire!! Go God! Gotta love the humorous confirmations 🙂

I’ve answered over 700 emails personally since Monday night, mailed out CDs, and managed to still speak to friends, do my weekly readings, and eat well. I do not have a clue how this was humanly possible but I do attribute it to living one moment at a time and meditating like crazy to refill my spirit when sleep wasn’t possible.

If you have a big dream, don’t strategize how to make it work. Don’t try to manipulate yourself or life or others. Don’t push yourself into doing things you think you must that don’t appeal to you. Just BE yourself. Do what gives you joy. Trust each moment. I never strategized about how to end up at conferences speaking with really famous authors. I never sat and tried to figure out how to get on the radio. I put myself out there, introduced myself, and waited until the opportunities that felt good came my way. In the meantime I just work and enjoy my life. Its a different way to ‘succeed’ than the world teaches, but if I am happy in the moment and able to be loving and kind to others, that is the success that counts and makes my life worth living. I am grateful to have all of you in my life too!

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