I have seen so much impatience lately. It seems everyone is writing me just itching for something to occur in his or her lives. I used to feel that way. I used to need the ‘next big thing’ to happen all the time. I used to need to finish a project to feel good about myself, to reach a goal to feel productive, or to know the next step in my life in order to feel that I was in control. Now I feel good about who I am, I feel productive whether I sit still or get something done, and I don’t care at all about the next step because I trust I’ll know it when I get there.

Being in ‘control’ is highly overrated! Always having to know the next step in life used to make my life terribly predictable and boring, and gave me little room for miracles. Now, on my days off, I let go of control. I get my chores done in whatever order I feel inspired to do them, and miraculously they don’t feel so tedious. On play days I don’t plan – I just do what inspires me. And in this fashion, God is given the room to bless me more than He ever would be allowed if I insisted on rigidly adhering to a plan.

Last weekend I had a classic example of living this way. I went up north to Sedona to hike and heard via the grapevine that there was going to be a concert at a local deli whose owners I love and adore. I was planning to go home on time, play with the dogs, and get to bed early in time to go to tai chi the following morning. But oh…music? Food? Friends? It sounded like so much fun. Nevertheless, I was tired. So, I sat, pondered, and realized I was tired and wanted to nap in the woods that very moment and decide later. I found a great rock in the middle of the creek, put my feet in the water, plugged the ipod in and took a nap amidst the trees, the water, and the deep blue afternoon sky. Miraculously I awoke just in time to go to the concert. What fun! I found out it was an invitation-only party but the owners graciously invited me to join. I was in hiking clothes and everyone else was dressed up, but no one minded. I pulled up a chair, and soon someone put a table in front of me and other delightful strangers joined me! Later it got chilly and since I happened to have my picnic blanket in the car, I wrapped up in that fine attire. Stylish? Not even! Fun, oh my yes!

If we remain a little flexible with our plans and anticipate good in our lives then we remain open to the daily miracles that can grace our path. Sure, I wonder what my own future brings – the angels tell my clients more than me! But in truth, I don’t want to know anymore. I want to live my life one day at a time, living by heart, creating as I go, and enjoying life as it happens one day at time. Why wait to be happy? If I waited until my credit card was paid off, my health was perfect, and my dreams were all achieved, then I’d miss SO much! We can be happy right now. It is just a little change in attitude.

So, if you feel frustrated and impatient, by all means, rant and rave in your journal and allow the tantrum-throwing child within to get the emotions up and out, but then take charge of your own life and mind again and realize that all is well. All is in divine order. And you might as well enjoy your life today :)!

Lots of love,

ps – If you are in Sedona stop by Euro Deli at the corner of West 89A and Dry Creek Road and tell Swava and Peter I said hello! They make delicious food just like my Polish Grandmother. It feels like family in there!

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