I was in need of a refill by this Monday. It seems that the week prior, people were bombarded with challenges, angry energies aimed at them, inner turmoils resurfacing, etc. It was a pretty exciting week in the energy! Because I often get 100+ emails a day, I get to bear witness to the patterns in human consciousness. I do so with love, and I’m honest when I cannot, but after all these years, I know how important it is to maintain my own energy.

So Monday, after working all weekend on projects I’m passionate about, I awakened with my head trying to convince me that I absolutely needed to hunker down and handle a very full day of work. My heart, however, would have none of it. I needed to get outdoors. My heart won.

I spent two hours two hours hiking in the cold windy desert, without a soul around. Nature and the energy warmed me. I got to sit and just “be” in the arms of the mountains, with the earth firm beneath me and the sky allowing me to expand into its infinite blue. I heard my angels, got insights for future teachings and felt my body come alive with the pure and vast energy of nature. At one point some sweet guide in my head told me to leave… “Make haste or you will be rained upon!” I smiled and “made haste” before the rain came!

Needless to say, everything else got done… and more.

People are so afraid that if they listen to their hearts, their lives will fall apart. I have witnessed just the opposite. You get recalibrated. Life starts to work. You are happy, energized, and fulfilled. Cooperative interactions arise. You feel connected… to self, life, and others.

The heart was meant to guide you in your life and the brilliant computer of a mind was meant to help you figure out how!

My to do list is “ta done” and I’ve got time even to help a friend… unanticipated by my mind, but perfectly orchestrated by my heart!”

Here are a few tips to listen to your heart this week…

1. Find time to listen

You cannot hear your own heart if you don’t take time to do something you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be meditation. It can be anything that gets you in the present and happy. Cook, walk your dog, spend time with loved ones, anything works as long as you a) enjoy it, and b) it draws all your attention into the present while you are doing it

2. Acknowledge everything you feel / even if you don’t act on it

Sometimes as we are getting reacquainted with our heart, we hear the heart of the hurting child within as well. “I just want to quit my job!” the child’s heart says impetuously, or “I just want this person to go away and leave me alone!
The adult heart says, more honestly, “I want to quit my job and find something fulfilling in a graceful easy way, without financial hardship.” “I would like help bringing peace into my heart over this relationship. Either end it gracefully or transform it please.” Both hearts live inside of you. One is just a little more emotionally mature!

Your “adult heart” will be the one that wants an elegant, not an impetuous, solution. It is your true heart of hearts, that wants solutions to not only the immediate problems, but one that fit beautifully in all areas of your life. You may not know how to fulfill these hearts desires, but that’s OK. Just acknowledging them is the first step.

3. Act upon the desires of the heart that feel inspiring and joyful.

If you are too afraid to act, or not yet ready to trust, or if you don’t know how you can… pray to be shown the way.

In my case, it was easy to set aside office work and take a hike.

When I wanted to quit my job in engineering, however, I still needed income. I prayed to know, beyond a shadow of doubt, the most graceful, perfect time to quit, given all my various needs. Three years passed. I grew tremendously. The, finally, one day I clearly heard voices telling me to turn in my resignation. Even though I didn’t know how I’d make a living, by that time I had grown in faith, created enough savings for some time off, and was emotionally ready.

The heart is your “tuner” to the Divine, your access to angels, and the compass which points you to your inner wisdom. It tells you exactly where you need to be to grow in faith, trust, and a greater love for all – including you!

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