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Visions Of Heaven

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels share a beautiful perspective about how we are sovereign over the kingdoms within – how our choices affect the health, happiness, and well-being of our soul, and our cells! I love it! I'll never look at my body the same again. Who knew we were the kings and queens of trillions? May we use that power wisely. Read on and learn how high-vibing creates both external and internal bliss and grace.

May you have a joyous week!
♥ Ann

♥ If you're arriving from somewhere else... Welcome! ♥
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Photo of the Week
Photo of the week

by Ann Albers in Phoenix, AZ

Let the light flow to the kingdoms within
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Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are rulers of a kingdom. Every one of you is sovereign over the fate of trillions of individual cells that live and breathe, eat, digest, metabolize, and create within you. Take a moment and see if you can imagine the vast populations of little tiny beings that make up the body you inhabit. Imagine them working together, signaling each other, taking in nourishment through their membranes, and releasing waste. Imagine the workers carrying the nutrients in the blood stream. Imagine the messengers in the nervous system carrying the guidance to each cell.

Imagine the communities of cells working together that comprise your beating heart. Image the kingdoms of cells within each of your lungs. When you get a scratch, the first responders are immediately working to patch it up. When you stub your toe, the entire system is alerted, controlling blood flow and signaling the need for repair.

You, the soul, live within kingdoms and communities of these tiny living beings. You, the soul, inhabit each one of them with your energy field, as surely as God inhabits you. You alone dear ones, with your free will, determine if these kingdoms receive the love and energy and resources they need – partially with your choices of food and environment, partially with your choices of exposure, but so much more powerfully with your choice of vibration.

Imagine for a moment that when you are peaceful, appreciative, loving, or even simply in a state of contentment, you are open. You are open to the Divine energy pouring through you. It washes into you and washes into every cell of your body. Your cells are always open to light, hungry for light, in requirement of light to function as they were designed to be. You, by allowing yourself to be at peace, allow the very river of life to pour forth into your cells enlivening them, granting yourself a spiritual immunity that bolsters your biological immunity as well.

When you pinch yourself off from the Source via fear, anger, jealousy, or other lower vibrations, you limit the flow of life-giving nourishment that informs and creates each cell, as surely as you limit the flow of life-giving light that informs and creates you!

So for the sake of the kingdoms within – the ones that give you your earthly life –  be kind to yourselves. Think of yourself as a benevolent ruler. Your job is to let in the light, focus on the most kind and comforting thoughts that you can, and to take care of yourselves in ways that feel like love. In these spaces, you allow the floods of light to wash over, inform, and breathe life into the kingdoms of cells within.

You need not fear the external world, dear friends. You need only be open to the flow of Divine light. Allow that love to make all things right in your life, at both the macroscopic and microscopic levels. Take time each day to breathe, focus on something or someone you love, and allow this light to wash through you. Then, see if you can feel your cells' love for you in return. Feel their life force, and their desire for health and happiness. Feel their willingness to constantly readjust to changing conditions. Your cells love you, dear ones, as surely as you love the Divine. For you are indeed made in the image and likeness of the Divine – souls within the "body" of the Divine, as surely as your cells comprise the body you call "You."

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message from Ann...
Messages from Ann

Hi Everyone,

As the angels talked about the kingdom of cells within I tuned in and felt a humming, buzzing community of life that I'd never really bothered to tune into in this fashion. Sure when I heal myself I've focused light but I don't think I've ever thought of my cells as little beings. It felt so sweet to tune into them this way. I felt their love for me, and I felt a profound love for them.

This year, more than ever before I have been very meticulous about my vibration. The minute I don't feel good I set everything else aside soon as possible and flow love to the first thing I see. I appreciate everything around me. I think of standing with my feet in the creek with the vast beauty and silence of nature around me and I breathe, intentionally, asking spirit to fill me. Now I am going to add a bit more intentionality about asking this life to fill my cells and give them all that they need.

This week, despite a lot going on, I've been enjoying a beautiful flow of grace. I've known I need a firmer mattress for quite some time, but unexpectedly, this week it I found myself looking at them in earnest. It ends up that the one I wanted most was on sale for just two days with a no-interest payment plan on top of that! I did the happy dance and ordered it. I didn't know how I'd strengthen my current old wooden frame, nor where I'd donate the old bed, but that didn't matter in the moment.

Intending on receiving guidance, I did a "walk of appreciation" around my house, as I like to call it when I consciously appreciate everything in order to raise my vibe. As I was working myself into feeling very blessed, a friend popped in my head. I called to ask him if knew anyone in need of a good mattress. Of course he did! Guidance rocks!

The next day I was awakened early by a knock on the door. My friend and his friend hauled the bed away before I was fully awake! I was able to answer emails and do office work before coffee was finished, and in a state of utter appreciation, it dawned on me I never received the letter to renew my car registration. Once again I was deeply grateful for guidance!

I hopped in the car to go get my emissions tested, and was enjoying the gorgeous day and the music on my radio so much that I missed my turnoff! How perfect! I arrived at the testing place to find they had only a 3-minute wait! Unheard of! I was in and out in no time.

Feeling so happy, I went to renew the registration and found there was a lien on my car title! What?? The bank never sent a payoff letter in 1999! There were no appointments available at the motor vehicle division till next week, so I sat and spun myself into a high vibe once again and waited for guidance. Suddenly I felt impulsed to hop in the car and go anyway. Miraculously the place was nearly empty, and after an unbelievably short 5-minute wait the kindest customer service lady updated my records. It cost only $4!

On the way home I was enamored with the sky. I started talking to the puffy clouds. I told them how much I loved them and asked them to be kind. I could smell rain. Pressure in the air was my signal that a storm was brewing. It felt fine to stop for coffee, and I pulled into my garage, once again in perfect flow just as the deluge broke loose and we got the most amazing, beautiful, much-needed soaking rain.

I could have done what I would have done in the past – make a massive to-do list, worry about everything I couldn't control, spin my wheels, ignore my guidance, and drag everything out with phenomenal drama. I don't do that anymore. Instead I raise my vibe, wait for guidance, and then act. The energy is phenomenally responsive these days.

And yes, my cells were singing! I had a run-in with a new glue gun last week and a big burn that healed exponentially on my "flow day." My back had been popping in and out and suddenly stayed in place. I had a few cuts from floral wires and they healed too. Remarkable! The "kingdoms of cells within" sure did appreciate the high vibe, and the willingness to live in flow.

The energy is so intense right now. If I put pressure on myself I feel the pressure cooker in the world. I feel the tension in my body, and it hurts. If I criticize myself, I feel the waves of criticism floating around the world and feel constricted. If I get irritated and don't just let it flow and let it go, then I break out and feel the massive irritations in th e world. Just as quickly, the minute I high-vibe it, things self-correct.

For the sake of cells and our souls, it is a great time to appreciate all you can. Gratitude is an instant vibe raiser. It is important to focus on what you love, and withdraw your attention from the things that drag you down. Instead, turn your attention to life's simple pleasures, the countless amazing people on the earth, and the eternal love that is present beneath all the worldly dramas.

Heaven on earth may feel a bit harder to reach these days in the external sense, but if you raise your vibe you'll find it coming to you as if by magic.

Here are a few pointers to help you open your soul, and your cells, to receive the guiding, healing grace that is always available...

1. Open to light / Flow light

Whether you're in your house or out and about, imagine a shower of light flowing into your head and out of your hands and heart. Oor if you prefer imagine this flow coming up from Mother Earth and out through hands and heart. Intentionally opening to this flow gives you a spiritual immunity that keeps denser energies way.

2. Spin Up when you feel down

The minute you feel down in any way – upset, sad, frustrated, etc., try to pick the next best feeling thought. If you're depressed it might feel better to be angry. If you're angry, humor might work. If you're frustrated, it might work to remind yourself that this too shall pass. Look for things to appreciate. Pick something random and tell it how much you love it and why. Do anything healthy that makes you feel better. Step-by-step inch your improved thoughts will give you better feelings. In this higher vibe, everything inside and out will respond and flow more smoothly.

3. Regularly tell your cells you love them

Imagine yourself opening to Divine love. Imagine the light pouring in. While in this space, sweet talk you cells. Tell them you love them, you appreciate them, you want them to be happy, healthy, and whole. If an area is in pain imagine the light going there especially. Thank the healthy cells for working to create balance at all times. If you like, you can even write a love letter to your cells.

These things sound silly but love is the vibration that opens us to the light that in turn creates the good chemistry, and good feelings.

Much of the world is focused on sickness and drama. We can focus on well-being and peace. I am not suggesting we remain ignorant. I wash my hands, listen to my guidance, and do what feels right in a given moment, and when guided to act in a loving way I do so. But I also make sure my vibration is as high as I can. After working with angels for so many decades I know that in these higher vibes, I find my ultimate immunity, my ultimate healer, and my ultimate path to grace, joy, and ease.

Am I there all the time? No, of course not. But the power to shift our vibe is in our grasp... one thought at a time, and it does lead to a happier, healthier reality.

Have a blessed week and give your cells a little love:)

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