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Hi Dear Friends,

With all the battles on this earth the angels talk about giving up the fight, focusing on the love, and how to stand our ground with love. I'll share some examples and tips from my own life experience. Peace.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

♥ If you're arriving from somewhere else... Welcome! ♥
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Photo of the Week
Photo of the week

by Ann Albers in Phoenix, AZ

Stop battling / Start loving
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Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is an age old belief that you must battle darkness, battle ignorance, and battle disease. You battle people with opposing beliefs or those whom you believe to be threats. You battle with your weight, fight with your hair, battle your ex... and the list goes on. The human race is steeped and stewed in the idea that life is a battle on levels great and small. Someone pushes at you. You push back. You see something you don't like. You focus on it, often obsessively, and fight it.

In the 3rd dimensional paradigm of reality, which is based on physical action and reaction, this appears to make sense. There are some 3D battles which must be fought, given your current paradigms of reality on the earth.

However, in the 5th dimensional paradigm of reality, which is based on energy, focus, and attraction, you will come to understand that battling something – vibrationally – draws unto you that which you are seeking to eradicate.

Imagine you had a magic spotlight on your forehead, much like a miner's light. Whatever you focus upon with that light – positively or negatively – you empower and attract into your experience. You would learn quickly to be very discerning about where you point your attention. Would you point it on those you love, or on those you are arguing with? Would you point it at illness, or the efforts to support well-being? Would you point it at the politician you can't stand, or the one you support?

This is indeed what you do with your focus and attention. You empower the vibrations, and therefore the reality, of that which you focus upon.

This is why we encourage you to focus on solutions rather than battling problems. We encourage you to focus on supporting health and vitality, rather than battling illness. We encourage you to focus on the political ideals you love rather than focusing with vitriol on that which you hate. Your actions might look identical, but your energy, your emotions, and therefore what you attract, would be totally different.

In the energy of battle you feel anger, blame, revenge, and urgency. You miss your guidance and you are pinched off from the power of the Divine within you.

In the energy of love for the solution, you feel passion, love, enthusiasm, and grace. You are guided. You plug into the power that creates worlds.

Very few of you would say, "I hate this. Let me watch more of it on TV." "I hate my body. Let me tune into a station in which I am modeling." "I can't stand this actor! Let me go to a feature film in which they star!"

Yet, you do say, "I hate this," and then you witness more in your world. Many of you do say, "I hate my body, and continue to stare at it in the mirror with disgust. So many of you cry unto us, "I can't stand this politician or that one, and then obsessively watch them on TV, empowering all the qualities you don't like in them with the spotlight energy of your strong anger.

It would be far more empowering, loving, and productive to say, "This is what I love. Let me watch more of that." "I would love a healthy and vital body. Let me watch programs that help me play up my assets and empower my health. I would love to see this and such in politics. Let me tune to a station where people are striving for these ideals. I would love to see us all unmasked and healthy! Let me tune into the broadcasts talking about good news and advances in immune support!"

Dear ones, when you point your attention at anything, anyone, or any behavior here upon the earth – for any reason, positive or negative – you will witness, and often experience, more and more of the very same.

So instead of battling ignorance, support education. Instead of battling the political parties you hate, empower the ones you love. Instead of striving to battle illness, support well-being. Instead of battling racial ignorance, support the awareness of beautiful cultural diversity. Instead of battling abuse, at a human level you must, of course, take necessary steps to swiftly stop it and to create healthy and well-defined boundaries, but work even harder to support healing and reform. Instead of battling darkness, empower light.

There are 3D physical battles that can still be "fought" without getting into the 5D vibrational battle. The firemen bravely battle the wildfires, but the majority of them don't hate fire. They respect it. They understand it. They love protecting people and property. Their 3D battle is rooted in 5D love. The same goes for many soldiers who fight your 3D battles while engaged in a 5D love of protecting those they care about. There are many front line health care providers who do 3D battle with disease but remain healthy because they have such an incredible 5D love and compassion for their patients that they know self-care is necessary.

The sun doesn't fight or hate the darkness of night, instead it loves to share its shine. You can't get rid of an ideology you despise, but you can empower one you love. Stop the struggles with one another. Stop battling yourselves. Start instead empowering, enlivening, and focusing upon that which you wish to love and support, and even when you feel the need to battle something in your 3D world, do it with love for what you desire, for in that reality every soul will "win."

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message from Ann...
Messages from Ann

Hi Everyone,

In my younger days I thought being a "spiritual warrior" meant battling the darkness outside of myself. I battled hatred, victimization, bad behaviors, ignorance, self-hatred, and hatred of others. I went on marches to the Capitol. I fought verbal wars to the death, trying to "best" those arguing for hatred, lack, and limitation. I rebelled against corporate employee abuse and wanted to write a book called "When Sheep Turn to Wolves – The rising of the corporate masses."

With good intentions I attempted to raise others up by battling viewpoints that I thought were dragging them down. I engaged in egoic exchanges with those who attacked my perspectives. I "battled" to empower boyfriends so they'd be kinder to me and happier inside of themselves. I wrote comments after articles trying to enforce a kinder point of view, but not always from a place of kindness! Engaged in these pointless dances of opposition, I attracted the opposition of others even more. These exchanges never felt good for long.

After I started working with angels, I gave up my need to validate my worth and "rightness" by getting everyone else to agree with me. I stopped battling ignorance with my disdain and righteousness, and instead started sharing more enlightened perspectives which I loved. I stopped focusing on and battling people who used and abused my good nature, and instead learned to love myself, enforce healthy boundaries, and allow myself time with kinder souls.

I gave up my need to be "right" in order to be happy.

I had to learn to love peace more than trying to win a war between egos. I had to learn to take responsibility for my own happiness rather than distracting myself with battles against those who didn't care about it so much. I had to learn to take responsibility for what I loved and stop wasting my time battling what I didn't.

"Releasing the battles" can take many forms. You can stop focusing on fixing a person and instead empower them by focusing on their good qualities. You can withdraw from a relationship or a job where there is just too much opposition to make it worth your time. You can turn off programs that inspire an inner battle, instead of inner passion. You can stop trying battling with people in an attempt to make them kinder, and instead be kind to yourself and set healthy boundaries. Instead of battling political ideologies you can share the benefits of what you believe in. Instead of battling world conditions you can't change, you can empower yourself by changing what you can.

Whether the problem is great or small, solutions appear when we stop the "battle-focus." I still catch myself in ridiculously silly battles at times. You can laugh... I was struggling in a futile attempt to mix and match paint colors to cover a few spots on the ceiling recently. (I dropped a pot of rice last year and it flew up, stuck to and stained the 12 ft, then rained down on me!) At long last I gave up the battle, left the ladder and mess in the kitchen and went about enjoying life. Two days later I woke up and without thinking walked to a corner of the garage where a can of perfectly matched ceiling paint was sitting in a container I hadn't seen before. Problem solved.

In another equally silly battle, I've been fighting a dishwasher shelf that kept coming off track until I finally gave up the struggle, put my hands on it, sent it love and prayed to find the solution. The next day the entire rack broke off. Amazing I didn't think of this earlier! I ordered and installed new parts. Problem solved!

There are certainly much bigger battles going on right now on earth. People are struggling to stay alive, save their homes, and pay the bills. The political battles are nothing short of epic. Nonetheless, the less we engage in a fight, and instead simply stand for what's right, the happier we are, the more powerful we are, and the more we stand as vibrational homing beacons for those wanting a more powerful peaceful world.

You can stand your ground about what you will and won't accept in your own life without the need to force someone to agree with you. You can, if you are guided, help create social reform from a place of incredibly powerful love. I have clients who are highly effective in doing so with large organizations. There are people who have calmed criminals with Ho'oponopono. Caesar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer" easily trains scared aggressive dogs with a loving "calm assertiveness." There are countless incredible parents who calmly carry tantrum-throwing two year olds to a timeout without anything other than a loving desire for peace on all parts. Even lost demonic souls can be brought into the light with a love that will not budge from God's truth. I've been that catalyst on more than one occasion.

The real battles are with our own egos, our own fears, our own insecurities that drive us to need to be validated and right.

In truth there is only one battle worth fighting and that is the battle to stay in our own loving integrity, to live and speak as the loving souls we are and stand our ground when we feel guided – lovingly, firmly, and yet with a respect for all involved. No easy feat, I'll admit, but it can be done!

Here are a few pointers to help you give up the battles without giving up yourself...

1. Start to notice your battles

Awareness is half the battle... pun intended. Sometimes we don't even see where we're battling. Are you engaged in trying to educate someone who is resisting your points of view? Are you trying to get someone to take care of themselves the way you'd like to see vs. what they want to do? Are you struggling with something broken around the house? Are you angry and having an internal battle about things that are the way they are, like the pandemic?

Just noticing where you're fighting in some way will help reveal those areas where you're moving out of love and into struggle.

2. What would a "soul win" look like?

A soul win feels like love. A soul win feels like happiness, peace, contentment, joy, or one of those higher qualities. We may give up ego gratification for a soul win. We have may have to give up the need to be right in order to be happy. We may have to live and let live and sometimes, leave. Nonetheless, a soul win always creates a feeling of being one's true self. You feel victorious when you can love in spite of another's bad behaviors, or another's hate. You feel in your power!

Imagine what it would like to feel happiness, peace, contentment, joy or one of those higher qualities in a current situation that feels like a battle.

For example, if you're battling with an ex, what would it feel like to feel peace inside of you? What would it be like to know you've stood your ground with love and compassion for both yourself and the other, without hatred or anger? What would it feel like to now whatever he/she says or does you're not giving into a fight and ultimately you're creating a kinder reality for all?

Powerful? Peaceful? Probably both. Soul wins don't rely on another person doing what you want. They are more about maintaining your own integrity, and how you want to feel. They're your win first.

3. Withdraw when possible

The angels like to say through my friend Summer Bacon, "When you're in a tug of war, let go of the rope!" Brilliant! No one wins an egoic argument. Let go of the need to be right. Choose to be peaceful, happy, and free instead! How? One kinder thought at a time you shift from the painful, argumentative thoughts, to ones that feel better. Keep asking yourself, "Would I rather be right or happy?"

Giving up the battles isn't easy. Sometimes we really can't in the 3D world. But we can always give up the inner struggle and the inner need for others to agree with us.

Being a pacifist does not mean you're passive. It simply means you act from peace and love. In that vibration you will attract people of like mind and heart, and a much kinder, more joyful experience of reality.

Love you all!

PS - I'm doing free gazes tomorrow to help support your peace! See below.

Also Braco is doing many gazes this week and in upcoming weeks - check www.braco-tv.me for more information

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