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Visions Of Heaven

Hi Dear Friends,

Although there is great good emerging, there's also a lot of sadness in the world right now. The angels remind us to tune into the higher vibrations where we can so as to feel better and be of greater service. I'll share some thoughts as to how we can do just that.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

♥ If you're arriving from somewhere else... Welcome! ♥
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Photo of the Week
Photo of the week

Photo by Ann Albers in Phoenix, AZ

It is ok to unplug from pain and raise your vibe...
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Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is OK for you – even if only temporarily – to detach from the world and all its pain. You may go to work and see it. You may be "exposed" every day, or you may be one of the fortunate souls sitting in a comfortable home with little to do. In any case, each and every one of you needs to take time to unplug from the pain and suffering, to unplug from the dramas of the human condition, and to plug back into the truth of Love and Light that exists within and behind all things.

Spend a few minutes each day in silence. Spend a few minutes doing something that brings you joy. Even if you are a health care provider in intensive care, you can come home, wash up, shut your eyes, and breathe in the love of your angels and your Source. You can read a few sentences of inspirational material or listen to one song that elevates your soul. You can shut your eyes and imagine sitting under a tree on a beautiful Spring day feeling its loving support against your back. You can picture streams of light and grace, and love and well-being pouring into you and emanating outward.

Dear ones there are so many small ways for you to detach from pain and suffering and plug into love.

Even if you are sick, you can sit and surrender to the fact that you are loved beyond measure by angels and by your creator, by relatives on this side and in the heavens. You can imagine light streaming into your lungs even if they are not working so easily. You can listen to songs that elevate, read material that inspires, and if you don't have the energy for that, shut your eyes and imagine being in your favorite and most relaxing place on earth with your angels all around you. We are there for you, channeling light and assistance at all times. Fear blocks our healing energy from getting to you. A willingness to surrender, relax, and trust allows us to assist.

So many of you have prayed for so long to have time to relax and now many of you have it. Don't complain about about your down time, dear ones. Use this time. Allow yourselves to dive deep within, to rest, to sleep, to meditate, to read, to educate yourselves, to connect via your technologies, to send light to the world... We could go on and on with so many ways that you can share and experience love now.

Pray for the brave souls who are "out there" supporting society. If you are one of them, pray to be open to the Divine grace and well-being that flows at all times. Allow yourself to be, in the words of St. Francis, "An instrument of peace."

The world is in a time of great pain right now, and yet we continue to see a bright and beautiful future. The souls who are leaving earth are being welcomed into paradise in the heavens with such love you would not be at all sad for them, if you could feel only a fraction of it. The souls who are sick and suffering are being sent so much love if they could surrender to it, their lives could be transformed by this love. Those of you without work, are being guided to rest, to envision a new future for yourself, or to serve somehow while you have the time to do so.

Detach every now and then, dear friends, from the pain of the world. As you raise your vibration into peace, love, joy, compassion, or any of those other loving frequencies, you are actually connecting to a brighter world, to the truth of the light within your greater Self – the Self that includes all others. By seeming to "let go" of the pain, you are embracing the love. You become an even greater contribution than you can possibly imagine.

In truth, and in love, you are the hands, the eyes, and the heart of God expressed in human form. We appreciate you and we are here to serve you in remaining in love... no matter what you witness there upon your earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message from Ann...
Messages from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I feel the world deep in my soul. I wake up in heavenly bliss and within seconds feel the staticky vibe of the world's fear. I breathe in the light and emanate it outward until I've grounded myself on earth, and in the flow of love. Sometimes while minding my own business I feel a wave of cold chills pass through me. In retrospect, I find it usually coincides with a burst of grim news releases or sad pictures being circulated. I breathe once again and center myself in light.

In spite of feeling the world I've been doing all I can to help others stay in a higher vibe.
I've still been doing my readings remotely, newsletters, youtube videos, social media, and answering massive amounts of emails. I've been checking on friends, keeping close contact with family, and doing as much self care as possible.Right before Easter weekend, I knew I needed to unplug from the world to plug back into my own heart and my own joy. It was conveniently timed.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I grew up Catholic and the sense of exuberant celebration, joyous songs, and delicious brunches, all filled my heart with such happiness! Not to mention, I loved the colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and marshmallow chicks. Next to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny made the most wonderful deliveries. As a young adult I had friends over for a huge brunch. In more recent years I've taken time off in the solace and silence of nature's glorious displays of springtime.

This year, I made myself a sweet little Easter-in-quarantine. I decorated my table with dyed eggs and cute bunnies from year's past. I took time to smell the roses, literally, photograph the clouds, gaze with Braco online, and made a great brunch. I relaxed, read, and chatted with dear ones. I completely refocused my energy away from the world and instead basked in my own quiet comfort and joy. That night, the healing heat turned itself on as I prayed for the world and all of you on this list – for peace, protection, and for the light of love to burn brightly within us all.

As we shift our focus to peace, love, compassion, hope, or joy we become part of the vibrational solution. When we immerse our psyche in the denser vibes of sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, anger, and pain, (whether we physically serve within it or not) we remain stuck in a vibrational swamp. I know fearless doctors and nurses who love so fiercely they are protected in that love. They heal bodies and souls. I have met grocery store employees who put themselves at 3D risk every day but in their commitment to be cheerful rise above the vibration of the virus, and help others as well. I know sweet souls who sit at home in peace and prayer quietly serving a world who will never know their gifts, and joyful souls who emanate a radiance outward as well.

While it might seem uncompassionate to focus away from the world's pain, it is actually a gift. I know we have to be aware of what is going on, for the sake of being legal and safe. I know some of you are working in the middle of the pain, or living with someone who is suffering. Nonetheless, we need our moments of plugging into something higher, healthier, and happier. In these moments of reconnecting with love and truth in any form you find it, we become open to our guidance, well being, and joy. We radiate a higher vibe into the pool of human consciousness. We become part of the vibrational solution.

Here are some pointers to stay in a higher vibrational space even in the midst of so much suffering.

1. Release any addiction to drama...

There is a fine line between knowing what you need to know, and becoming addicted to the sad drama transpiring in our world. No judgment here. I am speaking only about managing your own energy vibration.

These days it makes sense to be informed, not only for the sake of our own legality and safety, but also out of consideration for our human family. We may have no fear and therefore not be susceptible to "catch" the virus, but if we're not considerate and if we don't follow the latest health recommendations, we could easily "give it a ride" right into the space of someone who is vulnerable. So even though I rarely watch the news, I do read a bit each night to make sure I am aware of the most recent legal and health recommendations.

Although it isn't always easy to make, we have a choice to be "in the world but not of it". We have a choice to not get hooked into the pain. It is all too easy to keep watching or reading story after story after sad story until you find yourself feeling helpless, frustrated, sad or depressed. Watch the news if you like. Read. Do what you enjoy, but keep a close eye on your energy and when you feel it spiraling downward, shift your focus to something better. Back off. Seek out something good to feed your soul. It is easy to become "addicted to drama" even if that drama is sadly real. It doesn't serve you however, to let your vibration suffer, and it doesn't serve humanity.

2. Feed your Spirit

Every day, no matter how great or small, do something that feeds your soul. You can read a paragraph of inspiring material, watch a youtube video of the ocean, focus on the people you love, garden, cook dinner consciously, listen to a beautiful song, look at the blue sky, give thanks for all you have, learn something new... The list goes on.

It doesn't have to take a lot of time to recalibrate your spirit. It just takes a few moments of intently focusing on something you love, until you feel good in your heart.

3. Be of Service

The simplest way to serve is to breathe consciously. Breath connects us vibrationally as well as physically. From the comfort of your home, you can breathe in love and well-being. Breathe out love. The angels that my friend Summer Bacon channels suggested that with every out breath, we simply say, "God is Love." What a powerful, yet easy, way to share a vibration of truth!

I am using a simple mantra as I breathe these days:

Only Good (as I'm breathing in)
Only God (as I'm breathing out)
Only Love (as I'm breathing in)
Only Light (as I'm breathing out)

It hardly seems like service to breathe consciously, yet it is because we emanate a very intentional, loving vibration.

You can also serve by emanating your own joy, singing and making a joyful noise unto the lord, gardening and loving the earth, loving your families, friends, and animals.

You can pray, donate, inspire, and share your beautiful heart and talents via technology. I know hairdressers who can't work who are teaching their clients to self-cut or color via technology. I know mystic who have remained silent for decades who are coming out with writing so eloquent and beautiful it stirs hearts. There are musicians broadcasting from home, comedians on the Internet, cooks who are teaching from their own kitchens, fitness trainers helping everyone stay healthy from home. I recently saw a 30 year old couple Online who created a miniature art museum for their gerbils and lit up thousands of hearts with pure cuteness!

In service we feel love. In service we exist in truth. In any service great or small, public or private you channel love, you feel love, you share love, and you abide in the high vibration of love.

While we're #InItTogether lets do our best to be #InAHighVibeTogether.

Love you all!

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Recipe of the Week
Pantry Southwestern Chicken
Recipe of the Week

If you have fresh veggies, by all means use them, but since I am minimizing grocery shopping and have canned goods in the pantry I used those:

1 lb Chicken tenders, or chicken breasts cut into a few strips
1 T cumin, 1 t chile pepper
olive oil

1 regular can corn
1 regular can beans (black are best, but others work)
1 regular can diced tomatoes
1/2 c shredded cheddar, if you have it
sour cream, optional
salsa, optional

In a ziplock combine spices, olive oil and chicken pieces. Heat olive oil in a heatproof pan (that can also go in the oven) over medium high. Saute chicken about 4-5 min per side. Drain canned good then dump in drained corn, beans, and tomatoes. Let simmer for a few minutes till warmed.

Put the entire pan in the oven under a broiler and watch carefully till cheese melts. If you don't have cheese don't worry. If your pan isn't heat proof, just sprinkle cheese on top and let it melt that way.

Serve with salsa and a side of sour cream if you have them. If not, don't worry! The dish still has plenty of flavor.

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