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Visions Of Heaven

Hi Dear Friends!

Today the angels talk about pre-birth travel plans and free will choices in the present. Happily, you're not fated to do or be a thing. Learn how to dance with the now instead. I'll share some tips when you feel that pre-birth plan tug to make sure that's the path you really want to choose in the present.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

♥ If you're arriving from somewhere else... Welcome! ♥
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Photo of the Week
Photo of the week

Photo by Ann Albers in Southern CA

Life is a dance in the Present
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Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you is without blemish in our eyes. Each one of you is nothing less than the light of the Divine formed and shaped into a precious and unique human soul, who has been given the gift of creation! You, dear ones, get to create whatever experience you like here upon the earth.

You are not fated to live a certain life. You are not fated to die a certain death. You are not fated to be with one human being or another. You make "travel plans" before you come to earth. Prior to birth, you have certain desires about how, and with whom, you wish to grow. You may have an idea of where you wish to live, what you want to do, and how/when you want to die. You create tentative agreements as to how you will dance with certain souls for the purpose of your mutual movement into greater understandings of love. However, never, are you ever, "fated" to carry out these pre-life plans.

Once you arrive on earth, the rate at which you grow, and how you choose to grow is completely dictated by your free will – by your energy, your choices, and the ways in which you choose to view yourself and life around you.

There are many reasons why you might change your pre-birth plans.

Sometimes you grow more quickly than anticipated.
Perhaps you learn self-love and you no longer need painful or challenging circumstances to trigger your growth. While pre-life plans might tempt you to stay or go in a certain direction, if you've grown beyond the need, you will be guided towards new paths.

Sometimes the pace of growth is different between two souls and timing for their pre-birth plans is not aligned. For examples sometimes two souls agree they'll meet and enter into an intimate dance of growth but when they meet, one remains stuck, lessons unlearned, in an unhealthy relationship while the other is free. In this case, the tug of the pre-birth plans will be felt by both, but the free one must make new choices under present circumstances.

In no case, ever must one suffer for the choices of another. One must simply make different choices. Travel plans can change.

In some cases, you may be surprised by an opportunity on the earth that was not planned. You may jump at a chance to grow in new and more exciting ways than you ever dreamed.

No matter what you planned before birth we are always trying to guide you along the path that is most kind, loving, respectful, and honoring to your spirit – the kindest one you will allow for at the time, and one that respects the light in all others around you as well.

So, when you find yourself faced with a choice, don't worry so much about what you are "supposed to" do, and what everyone else is "supposed to do." Instead ask a simple question: "Given how I feel, and given how life around me chooses to be at the moment, what next?" Given any constraints, what can I choose that is in my heart? What is the next most joyful choice I can make, right here, right now? The river may not be able to move the boulder but it can happily choose to travel around it in trust.

Dear ones, care for your own hearts and pick the paths that feel the kindest in a given moment. In this reality, regardless of your pre-birth plans, your joy need not be limited by the world, the politics, or the choices of those around you.

You can choose – in any given moment – to grow in joy!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message from Ann...
Messages from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I first got a real lesson in pre-birth agreements right before my birthday in 2010. I had this weird urge to pray to live. I was healthy, happy, and had nothing at all going on in my life that would make me feel this way, but the urge was so strong, so I prayed daily to have a long life of contribution and joy. "Coincidentally" (or not!), friends and clients started writing. "Are you OK? Are you healthy?" I reassured them I was fine. However, when a friend who knew about cars kept checking my tires and told me to get new ones, something clicked and said, "Listen." I did.

Good thing. In a short space of time I had two very near miss car accidents that could have claimed my life. In both I felt angelic intervention. It shook me so much I got an angel reading from another psychic. The angels came strongly through, even though I'd not said a word to the reader. "Congratulations! Before you were born you planned to die before your 46th birthday but you have a strong desire to remain here and we're thrilled about that!" I burst into tears. My soul knew it was true.

There have also been times also when I had an opportunity to grow more kindly than pre-birth planning would dictate, but I had not yet grown enough to choose otherwise. I met a man in my early thirties who hounded me to date him. He chased me and pressured me. I hid from him, and yet he kept finding me and proclaiming his love. I was not then who I am now. I thought at the time, "He's nice, maybe God wants me to give him a chance."

Disastrously tough growth ensued
. He was abused and abusive. He threw things, yelled often, cut me down, and told me he'd be nicer to me if I'd sleep with him more often. I begged him to be kinder. I was a people pleaser at the time, but this dance drew up every drop of my own righteous anger and forced me into a greater level of self-love. It wasn't pretty, but we both grew tremendously –  so much so, that we've long since hugged, laughed at the crazy dance, and wished each other well. When we run into each other, there is nothing but love and respect for the journey, and a sense of brilliant accomplishment.

In retrospect, I realized the growth didn't have to be that hard. Years later I asked the angels "Do you mean if I had honored my heart and not dated him, I would have learned, in one choice, what took me three years?" "Absolutely," they replied! "He could have spared himself the agony too if he had paid attention and realized that chasing you was a chore and something he was doing because he wanted the validation (just as you did!), rather than something that felt easy, natural, and right." Their words sure didn't stroke my ego, but they resonated with my soul!

The angels continued to enlighten me! "In truth, this relationship was never a perfectly easy and joyful match for either one of you. You were drawn to each other spiritually, but in the human sense, you did not come together naturally and easily. You did not stay together naturally. You were never truly compatible and you both knew it, but you had a hard time admitting it because you loved each other in the past, and you wanted to get back to the love. You hurt each other in the past, but you've both grown, and in this this life, in the present, you have different paths. You both succeeded! Celebrate the growth!" Honestly, it took a while to celebrate, but I got there!

No matter what our "travel plans," we are not fated. If we listen to our guidance and feelings, without worrying so much why we are guided a certain way, and without a need to change anyone else, we will all grow along a path of purpose and joy.

Here are some pointers to help you choose joy even when tempted by feelings of "should" or "supposed to."

1. Make Choices based on how you feel in the Present

Perhaps you want to see a movie but not tonight. Listen to that. Perhaps you want a relationship but not now. Honor that. Perhaps you find a house that might work but you're not 100% sure. Wait for clarity. Perhaps you want to lose weight, but right now a dish of ice cream would delight you. Listen to yourself. Try it out. Enjoy it. We only learn what we really love, and what our priorities truly are by living out various choices.

When you listen to your heart in the present moment, you will always make the right choice in the present moment for your soul's growth into light. When you make a joyful choice in the moment, you will have a joyful moment.

2. Be flexible moving forward

Today you might not be sure about that house, but tomorrow you may wake up knowing you want it. Today you might not want a relationship but then when someone shows up in front of you suddenly things change. Today you might want to date someone. Tomorrow you might realize (as a result of following your heart today) that this person isn't exactly what you thought.

Guidance is dynamic, up to the moment, and changing as we, and the world around us, changes. Trust the moment.

3. Shift your Shoulds...

Whenever you say, "I should," you are repeating programming, not your truth. Your soul's truth in a given moment is joyous, happy to be alive, and experiencing life in physical form. Your shoulds can feel like anything from a mild sense of duty to abject hell at times. When you feel you "should" do something, question it. Does it light up your soul? Will it really give you, in this moment, the feeling you want?

We live now, love now, grow now. Should'ing now for a feeling we hope to enjoy later is a bad investment! Better to grow in joy now, glow in joy now and attract more joy later. As Abraham says often through Esther Hicks, "You can't have a happy ending to an unhappy journey."

I wish you all joyful journeys! Trash the shoulds, welcome the "wants" and live a life that happens now... in that reality, pre-birth plans don't matter so much at all. In that reality there is no karma because you are too present to be tied into the past! In that reality, life becomes a joyful and purposeful adventure!

Love you all!

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Recipe of the Week
Mini Egg Bites
Recipe of the Week

These are my latest favorite "go to" protein snack, heaping with flavor and goodness! Make a batch and keep them in the fridge.

Grab one for a protein bite, or a quick breakfast, or heat up a few and smother them with pesto or herbed sour cream, and serve with a side salad, for more of a light healthy meal.

Note - It is very important to have a non stick mini-muffin pan for this recipe or you won't like making it! I've tried many and my absolute favorite is this one by Rachael Ray which is so non stick I can easily get the little egg muffins out without any trouble at all.


1. Stack mix-ins on the bottom of each mini muffin. I like to use a combo of any of these: cheese, meat, veggie, and/or seasoning. Only fill cup more than 1/3 to 1/2 half full - you need the rest for eggs.

2. Mix up about 6-7 eggs, and pour in each mini muffin over the top of the mix-ins. If you prefer you can use store bought egg whites and maybe mix in just one full egg for a little color... or not! These little bites are pretty flexible.

3. Bake at 350 for 16-17 minutes in regular oven. They’ll puff and be slightly bouncy but not liquid to the touch when done. Enjoy! If you are going to refrigerate them, let them sit out and cool first so they don't get soggy.


• Feta, sun dried tomato, pesto (a little dab), dill
• Cooked Bacon bits, cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, dill
• Swiss cheese, Canadian bacon or ham, tiny bit of anything green, dill
• Cheddar, Canadian bacon, salt, pepper, tomato
• Blue Cheese, cooked bacon, cooked mushrooms chopped very small

You can make up any combo that sounds good to you! If you have the right pan these are super easy and a lot of fun to make and eat!

Unless otherwise stated, Recipes are ©Ann Albers, all rights reserved. If you want to reprint Ann's recipes, please include "©Ann Albers, www.visionsofheaven.com"
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