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Sedona, AZ

Visitors from all over the world come to Sedona for inspiration, healing, and rejuvenation.

They come for awe-inspiring views, breathtaking hikes, and the powerful vortex areas that are said to assist one in reaching higher states of consciousness. They come simply on vacation or for deep healing in times of transition.

No matter what brings you to Sedona, both the land and a diverse population of healing practitioners offer profound nurturing for mind, body, and soul.

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Nature’s nurture is powerful in Sedona.  Whether you’re in a vortex area or not, the entire region is filled with unmistakable energy.

Take some time outdoors. Wander along the red rocks.  Stroll in the forest. Wade in the stream. Go where you feel guided. You never know what you might find.

I’ve heard haunting flute songs echoing off the walls of the canyon, stumbled upon drum ceremonies, meditated with dragonflies, and sat on the red rocks under a full moon. I’ve flown through the forest as if I was one with the wind, and laid in the stream allowing it to wash my cares away.

Pause often to breathe and reconnect with your own essential nature. Your spirit knows what you need and where to find it.

Sedona Music & Entertainment
Sedona Music & Entertainment

Something wonderful happens when you get out in nature.

If you’re willing to  pay attention – to notice the diversity of life, feel the caresses of the wind, and listen to the symphony of breeze, birdsong, or bubbling brook – suddenly you’re present, fully-engaged with the here and now. The mind calms. Stress melts away. The body relaxes, allowing blood, lymph, and nerve signals to flow more easily so it can self-heal.

Outdoors, total strangers feel like new friends. In nature what you look like, what you do for a living, or where you come from matter far less than sharing a bit of information, a kind smile, or a snack.  Everyone is a tour guide, a photographer, an explorer, and an innocent child. Somehow, out in the wild, we are one human family. We fit. We belong.

Allow yourself the exploration. Choose a trail or path that beckons you. Leave time to explore without rushing or attachment to the destination. Be here. Be now. Breathe as if you could breathe in the very power emitted by the land.

A hike in the woods, a nap on the cliffside, or watching the sunset from a red rock vista is my healing treatment of choice.

Nature relaxes the body, calms the mind, and breathes new life into your soul.



If you’re not familiar with the concept, vortices are areas where the earth’s spiritual energies are said to be very concentrated. Many believe they can facilitate intense meditations, visionary experiences, insight, and healing.

There are many references on the web that tell you what you might expect in the vortex areas. If you, like me, prefer to try things out personally, go to one of the popular vortex locations. Don’t worry about finding an exact “spot.” While the chakras (energy centers) on a human body are tiny by comparison, Earth is massive, and her vortex areas spread over an entire area.

  • Find a spot you are drawn to, and a safe, comfortable location where you can sit or lie down.  Shut your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply becoming very aware of how the energy moves in and out of your lungs.
  • As you do this pay attention to your heart and the subtle feelings in your body.  Notice whether you feel a slight buzzing, humming, or tingling.  Try to simply be aware of how you feel.
  • In this space, you may simply feel very peaceful. You may experience emotions bubbling up that you’ve ignored for some time. You may have visions or healing experiences. Experiment.  Each person feels and is affected by energies different.  

Below I share what I’ve experienced in the various vortex locations. Try them for yourself. Trust what you feel.


I joke that Bell Rock is one of my “outdoor offices.” I go here when I want to clear my mind, balance my energy, and inspire new ideas. Whether I simply walk up the easy trail or climb near the top, the energy feels the same.

Sometimes, perhaps due to the earth’s energies or my own, Bell’s vortex seems to be more “on” than others. I have at times, laid down, and experienced the sensation of spinning deep within myself into a very dreamlike, visionary state. More often I simply find peace, release from the stresses of life, and an accute sense of mental clarity.

Sedona Vortex


I love Cathedral Rock.  You don’t have to climb to the saddle. There are huge plateaus all along the trail where you can sit and soak in the energy of this vortex. I find Cathedral to be energizing and balancing.  Napping on the saddle or sitting in silence, I feel as if I melt into the vastness of the land and experience a deep peace.

At sunset Cathedral is almost a religious experience, due to the beauty, the energy, and the camaraderie of all who sit and watch our star sink over the horizon. At sunrise, you feel as if the breath of life is energizing you as well as the land as the sun bursts into golden glory.

A short, steep hike down from the saddle puts you atop an ancient volcanic cinder cone. Climbing is precarious, and there’s not much of a place to sit. I shut my eyes, became intensely dizzy, and had to open them immediately to retain my balance. Ancient forces thrust these rocks up from the earth’s depths and it appears their memory can still be felt today.

Sedona Vortex


Boynton Canyon is gorgeous. I go here when I want to be alone. Even though there are plenty of other hikers you can almost always find a spot to pull off and sit in silence. Native American’s once populated the entire area, and it feels as if you can tap into their peaceful, harmonious relationship with the land.

Boynton seems to assist me in going deep within myself, creating a meditative space for me to contemplate life. What needs to change? What needs to be released?  I reconnect with my essential nature here and rid myself of what no longer serves.

Sedona Vortex


Airport Mesa is “the” sunset spot in Sedona and also an incredibly energizing vortex for me. I seem to go inward easily here, slipping into dreamlike, visionary spaces with little effort.  You can sit atop the knoll, in the dip between the knoll and airport, or at the top. The energy infuses the entire area.

Years ago, when it was allowed, I slept up here alone.  It might be more accurate to say I spent the night. Sleep was near impossible with the full moon shining in my face, the temperature well below 50, and the energy humming and buzzing while I burrowed deeply in my sleeping bag. I left without a trace of fatigue and hiked all day. 

Try Airport Mesa when you need a boost, or when you want to dream.

Sedona Vortex



Sedona is also home to numerous spas, healers, massage therapists, aura photographers, metaphysical bookstores, and so many others dedicated to helping you find well-being.

Ask the locals to recommend healers, treatments, or spiritual guides, then trust your instincts.

Or, visit one of my favorites – people I know and respect who have either blessed my life or the lives of those I know. If you get a chance to experience their work, you’ll experience a little bit of heaven on earth too.

Sedona Music & Entertainment
Sedona Nurture Your Body & Soul - Summer Bacon

Summer Bacon

Deep Trance Medium, Channelling Instructor, Spiritual Guide

Summer Bacon is one of the clearest trance mediums of our time. She has learned to surrender and allow the spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles – a spokesperson for a band of angels to speak through her. The wit, wisdom and deeply loving energy that come through are priceless.

Her website is a vast repository of spiritual information. At present Summer does not do public sessions. Instead she teaches channeling and is an experienced guide for those wanting to understand their spiritual experiences. She offers sessions via skype no matter where you live, and has a huge number of inexpensive channeled downloads available.

Sedona Nurture Your Body & Soul - Robin Miller

Robin Miller

Heavenly Keyboards, Soulful Rock Guitar, and Past Life Regressions in Sedona

Robin Miller plays a variety of musical styles and instruments ranging from rock guitar to ethereal, channeled keyboard music. If you can find him around town playing piano, his heavenly keyboard melodies will transport you into realms of deep peace and heart opening bliss. People have burst into tears and some experience deep, soulful healing as the angelic frequencies in his music vibrate through them.

If you can’t see him live, download his heavenly music to bring the sound and soul of Sedona home with you.

Although he doesn’t advertise this online, Robin also does phenomenally healing Past Life Regression Hypnosis in Sedona. I had two life-altering sessions with him. Irrational phobias that had plagued me simply disappeared during the two hour session. Download a flyer to learn more or contact him to schedule an appointment.

Sedona Nurture Your Body & Soul - Alba Elena

Alba Elena

Heavenly Massage by Oak Creek

Alba Elena is an incredibly nurturing and skillful massage therapist who will transport you to heaven in a multi-sensory experience as close to nature as you can get while still enjoying complete privacy.  Treat yourself to her deeply relaxing and healing massage by the creek.

Nestled in privacy, nurtured by an angel, you’ll enjoy the sound of running water, soft breezes and birds singing for your music. If there are two of you, there is plenty of room to have your massages side by side. Just let Alba know and she will arrange for a second therapist. If you prefer your session in the comfort of your home or place of lodging, she will come to you.

Sedona Nurture Your Body & Soul - June Rettinger

June Rettinger de Arballo

Massage Therapy, Clearings, Readings, & More

Descendant of a full-blooded Chiracahua Apache Great-Grandmother, June Rettinger was raised by a family of seers who immersed her in spiritual understanding from early childhood.

Since 1979 she has offered healing, insight, spiritual guidance, and wisdom to thousands of people.  She offers medium to deep tissue massage, personal, home, and land clearings, energy work, readings, and assistance on your spiritual journey. In addition, from time to time she sponsors events featuring Native Elders and wisdom keepers.

Sedona Nurture Your Body & Soul - Rev. Rae - Sedona Sound Healing, Crystal Bowls

Rev. Rae

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Rev. Rae is an incredible sound healer whose mastery of the crystal bowls will transport you into other dimensions. The pure tones vibrate through you and within you. She plays them intuitively while you lay in comfort, fully clothed, on a massage table, free to journey in the dream world, or feel the emotions that arise from your depths.

I felt as if I’d received an incredible massage. Every bit of tension was gone from my body. My mind was clear, and I received insight in vivid dreams that occurred during her session. If you want to be transported beyond, you’ll love her gift. Rev. Rae schedules individual sessions via Crystal Magic in West Sedona, or for two or more, out of  her home.

Sedona Nurture Your Body & Soul - Rev. Rae - Sedona Sound Healing, Crystal Bowls

Avani Sukhadia

Authentic Ayurveda of Sedona

Avani is a wise, nurturing, and extremely knowledgable soul – a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Licensed Massage Therapist.  I was gifted with a combination Ayurvedic consultation and spa treatment for my birthday. I left floating on cloud 9 with wonderful suggestions for the health of my mind, body, and soul.

In her words: “Growing up in a family of physicians and healers,at an early age I developed a natural instinct to care for the health of those around me, and to ease the suffering of those in pain. My family’s deep spirituality and celebration of our Indian heritage, ingrained in me a deep respect and understanding of Hindu/Vedic traditions. These two greatly defining aspects of my life are beautifully expressed in my profession, my passion, Ayurveda.”

She has practiced Holistic Medicine since 1998, and trained with the most respected teachers/gurus in the field including Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Mahadavan, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra, Swami Sadashiva Tirtha, and Bharat Shukla.  Avani is a graduate of New York University, The School of Healing Arts, and the American School of Ayurveda. In my opinion, she is an angel!


Please note: The material on these pages is for information and entertainment purposes only. You are solely responsible for how you interpret and use it. Although we strive to keep it up to date, we make no guarantees. Please read our legal disclaimer.


Please note: The material on these pages is for information and entertainment purposes only. You are solely responsible for how you interpret and use it. Although we strive to keep it up to date, we make no guarantees. Please read our legal disclaimer.

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