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Angels are all around us! They are pure beings of light sent by God to guide, support, and give us unconditional love. If you compare the universe to the human body, then God is the brain, we are the cells, and the angels are the many branches of the nervous system that carry messages to and from the Higher Power. We pray to God, of course, but the angels often help to answer our prayers.

Before birth we are assigned at least one guardian angel who will stay with us from birth to death. Your guardian angel works “behind the scenes” to set up events and meetings that will help you learn your life’s lessons and follow your soul’s blueprint. I think of the angels as stagehands who are always working to create the ideal environment for your growth into love.

Angels, as they exist in the heavens, experience, and share only pure and unconditional love. They have compassion for you but never judge you. They see you as perfect even in the midst of difficult times. They know the bigger picture for your life and help guide you to see it as well.

Spirit Guide, is a term that is often used to refer to people who have lived in the past and who have been specially trained to work with you for your highest good. They may have known you in this lifetime, or perhaps they are simply friends of your soul who have lived in other cultures and times. Spirit guides often have distinct human like personalities and although they know themselves to be souls they may appear to you as they looked in one of their favorite or most spiritually powerful lifetimes. They often offer both spiritual and more “human” advice.

And, last but certainly not least, your deceased relatives often continue to love and support you from the “other side.” They are not always trained as guides, so I tend to use discernment when following their advice. I know they love us, but at the same time they may still maintain their personal biases and opinions for some time after death!

These terms are human terms – technically speaking we are all divine souls – angels and humans alike. We incarnate upon the earth because at some point in our existence we doubted our divinity and therefore came here to explore and heal the illusions of separation. While you may know you are a divine being, as an intellectual concept, it is said that the journey between the head and the heart is the longest one we will ever embark upon. When we learn to be pure, unconditionally loving towards God, self, and others, then we too will find our place in the heavens among the angels, or on earth as an unconditionally loving and kind being who lives in service and joy.

Angels will attract us to certain people, books, classes, and situations that will further our growth. When I asked my angels how they actually attract our attention, they replied that they put a familiar frequency around an idea or object that will help us.  For example, imagine you walk into a bookstore and all of the sudden you are drawn to a book across the room. Chances are likely your angel “highlighted” this book with a frequency you would subconsciously recognize. You still have free will. You can say, “Yes, I’ll check into this,” or “No, maybe another time.” Or perhaps you take a wrong turn and find the right apartment (I did!). The angels sometimes distract us in order to help us become open to new possibilities. And no matter whether you take advantage of the guidance or not, your angels will always love you and will never become upset with you.

Communicating with Your Angels and Guides

When you start to communicate with angels and spirit guides there are a few things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, they are always with you whether you can see, hear, or feel them. They can always hear your mental requests for help, and they are aware of your soul’s dreams. You may notice you feel or sense them more easily at different times. When we are disturbed or upset it is harder to pick up their guidance. Think of your moods as emotional “static”. You will have an easier time perceiving your angels and guides when you are calm and clear.

Secondly you may notice that angels and guides often tell you how to change yourself or your attitude rather than how to change an external situation. They realize the spiritual truth that our experience of life is created by our perspective. We may not create the situations in which we find ourselves, but we do create our experience of that situation. For example, I once wanted to know how to sell more of a product that I’d agreed to sell. I was sitting in a store waiting for customers, and at the same time was fighting exhaustion. My angels kept answering my question by telling me to “go home and sleep.” I persisted in asking them how to get more sales. They persisted in telling me to take care of myself. I finally gave in, went home and slept. While I was asleep, three people called to order the product! Obviously higher truth leads to better results in your life!

Finally, remember that an angel or guide will never tell you what to do! They will make suggestions that come via nagging knowings, gut instincts, and synchronicities, but they will never violate your free will. You can listen to their suggestions or ignore them and in either case they will continue to guide you with love. Your angels and guides never give up on you!

Also, remember if you want help in your life, ask. Angels and guides can provide much more assistance in our lives if we use our free will to give them permission. Ask for help with parking spaces. Ask for help in finding and creating loving relationships. Ask for help in clearing out old negative beliefs and patterns. Ask for help in finding a new job. Ask for help in creating an easy move. Ask for help in everything in life! Everything! My angels remind me that the happier we are, the more we are apt to do good in the world. If you don’t get something you ask for, assume it is not in your highest good at this time. Trust in the wisdom of Higher Power and know that the angels and your guides are assisting in carrying out Divine Will in your life.

The Process

To begin communicating with angels, follow their easy four-step plan:

  • Clear the static
  • Find the Station
  • Practice, and
  • Ask for Validation

Clear the static

Clear the static by taking good care of yourself. Sleep well. Eat decently, and take time for some mental and emotional recreation. While this may seem impossible in our hectic schedules, it is imperative that you have some down time in order to create a space for higher guidance to enter your mind. Think of your mind as a clear pond. When your mind is still it reflects the higher realities perfectly. When it is chaotic, the messages still come in but they may be distorted, much like reflections are distorted by ripples on a pond.

Is meditating necessary? No. I have found it to be the most helpful way of clearing the mind, but there are other methods. For example, you may clear your mind by walking, driving, cooking, dancing, or a variety of other activities that make you happy and make you focus on the present moment.

Give me other examples of “static.”Anger, frustration, confusion, fatigue, hunger, distractions, etc. are static. Anything that takes you away from the present moment and away from peace is static.

I’ve been meditating. Why can’t I get any messages yet? Meditation or any activity that gives you peace prepares the mind to receive guidance. You may not get your answers or insights in the meditation itself, but rather you are learning to stay at peace so you can recognize the guidance when it comes. I’ll tell you more about how you can recognize guidance in the section below.

Find the Station

Find the Station by paying attention to how you receive information. You may receive information through your feelings. Something just ‘feels’ like a good idea, or in another case you don’t feel good about a situation. This is guidance.

You may receive nagging knowings…thoughts that won’t go away. This too is guidance. Or you may notice several synchronicities in your life. You have a thought about taking some classes. A friend mentions the same topic to you, and later in the day you flip open to an article in a magazine on the subject. This is guidance.

You may be lucky enough to see things in your meditations or in your dreams. These messages are either literal (these often seem extremely real) or symbolic. It may take some time for you to understand the symbols in your dreams and meditations but with practice you can learn. These books can help you. Finally some people actually hear guidance as plain as a voice outside their head. If you hear voices you are not crazy, you are simply clairaudient.

If you’d like to practice tuning into your angels on a daily basis, check out the Date with Your Angels Meditation. My angels gave me this beautiful guided journey to help assist people in connecting with the higher realms.

Practice & Ask for Validation!

Ask your angels and guides for guidance in all things in your life. Wait to see how and when the answers show up. Remember you may not get an immediate answer! You will get an answer or the guidance at the perfect time. If you are not getting an answer, be patient. Everything is answered in right timing.


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