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What is Reiki?

Throughout the ages, mystics and medicine people have known that human beings are surrounded and permeated by an energy that sustains and balances life.

Reiki is an ancient hands-on-healing discipline that replenishes and restores balance to the human energy systems -- mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It is an excellent way to release stress and tension and although it is not dependent on a belief system, it can be an excellent tool for spiritual growth.

Reiki is first and foremost a way to work on your own well-being. Anyone can learn to practice Reiki. Typical Reiki classes (as I learned to teach them) take three to four hours per day on two consecutive days. During these sessions you receive attunments that basically "re-engineer" your personal energy system, opening it up so you can carry more of your soul's energy and awareness at the conscious level.

These attunements also allow you to funnel greater amounts of spiritual energy through yourself to facilitate healing & balance in others. Being attuned to Reiki is a beautiful and highly personal experience. Once attuned, you carry the healing energies for the rest of your life.

Please Tell Me More About Reiki!

Reiki is a Japanese word for "Universal Life Force" energy. The "rei" portion is the universal energy and the "ki" is the personal energy--the same as the "chi" that is moved around in martial arts. When one practices Reiki they simply become a larger funnel for this universal energy to pour into their own, or another person's field. Reiki is the simplest form of energy work I've encountered. The Reiki practitioner makes no diagnosis, nor decisions about where the energy will go and how much is needed. The energy is/has consciousness. It knows where to go. We simply provide our hands and allow energy/Spirit to do the rest. The receiver's energy systems completely determine how much is pulled through the practitioner and where the energy will go. Practicing Reiki is a humbling experience because the ego is not involved. Reiki also works whenever the Reiki person is in proximity to someone who needs the energy, because their auric fields are overlapping.

In addition to physical healing, I've used Reiki can be used to bring one emotional balance, clarity, and guidance. The more you run the energy through yourself, the more life will flow with ease, even in the most trying of times. Reiki clients report feeling well-balanced, at peace, having more clarity in times of confusion, and feeling a sense of personal power restored to them. There are many accounts of physical healings that cannot be explained in a conventional manner. Reiki is a powerful method of balancing physical, emotion, mental, and spiritual energies. It is subtle, yet extremely effective. A typical Reiki treatment is a one-hour session with a few minutes of conversation before and after.

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What does the Reiki Training Involve?

Level I:  The Reiki Level I training occurs on two consecutive days, typically four hours each. The classes consist of four energetic attunements, or initiations, the telling of the oral history of Reiki, teaching of the basic hand positions for self-treatment, and treatment of others, and a great deal of ad hoc discussion based on the class and the needs of each student. While I always cover the basic tenets of Reiki, no two Reiki classes are 100% identical because I tailor the teaching stories to match the needs of the individual students.

The real change in the workshops occurs during the energetic attunements. These significantly enlarge your capacity to carry the energy. We all are naturally inclined to heal ourselves. When we have a headache we put our palms on our temples. This is just one of many examples. We have energy lines running horizontally and vertically throughout us, much like a grid. Through stress or less-than-healthy conditions throughout life, these lines can become weakened or blocked. I compare these lines to a creek that's gotten a little narrow and blocked up with logs and stones. During the attunements I work in your energy field, and also run a "flood" of high-vibration energy through the energy lines to widen them and to vaporize the blocks. This greatly amplifies the energy you already transfer when you place your hands on yourself or others.

The attunements are also a form of initiation--an opening up to a larger level of awareness of who you are as a soul. Do not take the Reiki training if you like your life exactly as it is... things will shift! After taking the workshops, I find that most people want to make changes in their lives, their work, or in their attitudes to bring themselves more true satisfaction in life. Reiki doesn't make the changes for you; it simply helps you become more aware of what needs to shift. Being attuned to Reiki is a beautiful and highly personal experience. Once attuned you continue to carry the healing energies for the rest of your life. Level I is all you ever need to work on yourself and others. Cost is $150/person.

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Level II:  The Reiki Level II training also occurs on two consecutive days, typically three to four hours each. I teach traditional Reiki in which it is suggested that you wait at least three months, if not more after Level I before considering the Level II training. Both cause life changes, and it is best to integrate one level of energy before proceeding ... also a lot more joyful and gentle! My instructor advised me to think of it as a courtship with your soul!

In Level II there is one attunement in which we awaken the Reiki symbols in your energetic field so you can use them to send healing energy at a distance, across space and/or time. You learn to heal the past, and empower desired futures. You learn the symbols which activate energy, work with subconscious patterns, and transcend space and time. I teach the esoteric concept of symbols-as-energy, and explain how healing occurs soul-to-soul outside of our regular three dimensions.

This is a powerful class with a powerful attunement, and quite different from Level I. Whereas Level I is for anyone and everyone, Level II typically attracts those with interests in mystical and esoteric concepts, as well as those wishing to deepen their own connection with soul. The Level II attunement works at deep mental and emotional levels; People often make significant changes in their lives during the year following Reiki II, that reflect their unfolding insight into their soul's purpose and their personal truth. Cost is $300/person.

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Please note: I have written the preceding paragraphs according to the tradition of Reiki in which I was trained. There are many different varieties of Reiki, all offered at many different prices. None are "better" than the others. As part of your own spiritual quest, you must seek out both the instructor and the variety of Reiki that appeals to you and then trust that this is part of your soul's path. Reiki seeks to unite and balance. Judgment divides.

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