You Are All

Hello God, its Ann.
Remember me?
I’ve changed.
Or maybe you already knew
and I am the one remembering me at long last.

Am I the dream  you originally conceived when you created me?
Or I have I walked past that door and
grown to be more.

I hope you love who I am
as I love you.
I do.

Be the words on my tongue,
The love in my touch,
The sight in my eyes
I miss you so much
when I cannot feel
this flow
through my heart.

Don’t start, don’t stop
don’t let me go don’t let me
drop me
out of your heart and mind ever again!

Oh Lord, don’t let me do that to myself again.
Just hold me in your embrace
as you look through my eyes
and feel through my embrace.

You are the light on my skin
and the wind on my face,
the honey on my tongue,
the cool mud between my toes,
the peace in the stillness,
and chaos in its glorious throes.

You are all this and more
Me too.

nothing more...
to be me...
to be you...
I adore
I long for
I want more.
Je t’adore.