The Wild Fires

Fire burns, stirring earth’s passion
in the not too distant hills.
Flames rise unto the sky.
Winds tickle Earth.
She thrills to feel the heat and touch of God
as lightning struck her heart
she feels

Easy for her to play the part.

Earth does not flee the piercing electricity
nor resist the flames of love.
Earth does not resist the burning
of all that once was.

Earth does not wait or worry
for futures yet to be.
She yearns, she burns,
She hungers God
for your kiss
the wind in her hair
your breath in the trees.

And then upon her knees
she prays
for respite
from the flames.
She waits for days
in patience as fires
and embers char
the landscape
she once knew.

Earth, I understand
your need.
Earth my teacher,
I love you.