Spirit of the Feminine Principle

I am spirit of the feminine
My feet are on the earth.
I am the goddess
tied to the lifeblood of the land.

My rivers run through your heart
and my blood flows through your veins.
Earth goddess, mother
maiden, crone
wherever you are, I call you home.

My spirit emodies your flesh.
My spirit embraces your mind.
My spirit entwines itself in the branches of the
labyrinth of your psyche.

I am spirit of the feminine
spirit of the ageless, timeless, void.
Fertile one,
pregnant one,
rich exuberant living passionate one
creating life
dancing the dream
sparkling with stars
never far.

I am spirit of the feminine
in your veins, and in your brain
in your mind, in your flesh and your blood
I flood.

Coursing through like a river
never far, always near.

l am woman
spiritual essence
devoid of form
in your heart I find home
in your blood I am warm.

I am yin.

Hear me
Feel me
Heart beat with me

Create with me
Dance with me

Dip into my pools
deep down inside
and rush to the surface
to bring my life force alive
in the world of form

Spirit lives in human flesh,
through woman
is once again born.