Mystical Reunion

Oh beloved
eternal flame
of God
that sparks within my soul
I crave the kiss of energy.
Remind me I am whole.

A burning yearning
passionate plea
Oh God!
I need to feel you/me.
Now fire burns
and stirs
the memories
of a soul

Back to a time
Back to a place
Back to that when and where
outside of space
when one with You

I was 'I AM'
never ending
ceaseless love.

But now
I cannot contain so much .
I burn alive
at the tap of your touch.

Oh God,
Oh God,
Oh fire of creation!
Oh flame that stirs elation
Oh truth that lights the deepest darkest night
Oh God
Oh Love
Oh please,
I need to feel
your touch.

I burn alive.
This thirst inside
is craving for
the One
whose thought holds me in form.

Divine beloved,
I crave the fire
cleanse my heart and keep me warm.