Mind Vs. Heart

My heart breaks with each judgment
of the skeptic,
levied against my love.
I wish so dearly those down here,
could see as those above.

Who says the heart cannot leap
down a path the mind has not traveled?

Mine can
and yes, then, my mind will unravel
what has been revealed.

I am glad I do not wait
for mind’s approval
to love,
to feel.

“You can’t really love what you don’t know” they say
through insecurities and desires to stay
in logic's chains,
they let the mind reign

Heart a prisoner
of mind’s controlling dream.
How sad.

Not mine.
Its free -
to play,
to love,
to be.

Ah tis true
a heart not ruled by mind
is risky -
yes indeed -
because it loves what it does not yet see.
It forgives what is not yet revealed.
It accepts what is not yet healed.

How dangerous it is to love,
but oh so much more dangerous still,
to sit in mind’s embrace,
and watch life
from mind’s
window sill.

I am free
to love
to be.

I make no apology.
I make no excuse.
I take the risk.

I find no use.
in protection against pain.

When the mind thinks it is safe in its reign,
it is simply rotting in logic's chains.

While a heart free to love, risks it all.

Yes, pain may come
but so what?
It will anyway,
somehow, someday.

Better to love and live and laugh and play.
and learn -
than simply
to be locked...