Love Yearns

Love yearns and burns
like a river that longs to flow
through my open heart,
into a world of deserving souls.

Love craves expression.
Wants to ignite the light within
those lost in the confines
of darkness and illusions of sin.

Light possesses me
in throes of torturous bliss
I sit , meditate, and breathe
trying to allow for this...

THIS is what I have longed for -
for centuries, when as a soul first lost in doubt,
I forgot God walked with me,
Now I feel Presence within and without.

Love implores
Let me grow, expand, and run free!
Let me break the chains and the lies and the pains
that dear souls on earth canít yet see.
Let them receive,

Truly receive.
My love.
Godís love.
Only one love.

In silence, the essence of who I AM echoes
through a soul now aligned
with the only true heart,
and the only real mind,

And oh what fun to be human!
What a glorious role
to know the truth
of your own light-filled, eternal, unending soul.