Life Blood

Little child, trapped so within a woman's body,
What is happening to me, she cried?

Red blood runs from me in a river strong, so strong,
I am afraid.

What is this force of life ?
Tell me, I am fearful.
Will it last so long?

"Oh little child," the woman cries, no longer young.
Had only I known then I what I know now,
that force between your legs, beneath your breast,
is Life
and life itself knows only best
what course to run through us.

Oh yes, it takes its toll,
but only if we stand to block its fiery flow.
And if we do, then we will Know
and with that knowledge, what price we pay!

We feel the pain and force of life each month, and on those days
you must simply stand astride and let the flow of life return
to cycle though the red blood in your veins.

Little child, the woman cries, now much wiser, older too.
If only I could reach back through the years and comfort you.
Tell you there is nothing in the flow in which to fear,
but rather tell you child, the goddess lives in you my dear.