The Last Soul to Awaken

Oh you're cryin' out to Spirit
Won't you please show me the way?
Guide me to the path of rightness,
tell me where to go and
what to say.

But what you don't know
is you won't grow
'till you wake up in the dawn
and realize the Spirit lives in you...
but as you beg
it's gone.

The reflection in the mirror
shows your human flesh I know
But what you don't see,
what you won't see,
.. is what animates it so.

And your power leaks so powerfully
as you beg and as you plead
for someone else, outside yourself
to take your mind and
take the lead.

So WAKE UP I call I to you now,
Awaken from this dream,
See yourself outside yourself and
know it's not what you know it seems.
to be.

And so pray now to the Spirit to
reanimate your soul
to merge with you first, then the universe
to make our body-mind whole.

Oh Great Spirit, can you hear it,
It is the calling on the wind,
the one we've all been waiting for ...
the prayer of the last one waking up
From what was once called sin.

And now the sun shines and the stars dance.
It's the dawning of the age
Where consciousness abides in us,
It's finally time to turn the page.