You were the first raven in my life you know.
As a child I stared at your jet black hair
and slightly pronounced nose
watching you like I watched the
mysterious birds that squawked.

You laughed at me,
pushed my face in the jello.
Some part of me knew you
as the archetypal trickster;
bringer of magic
into my life.

Magenta berries in your yard
stained my hands.

Rafters and wood floors
fueled my dreams with hopes and plans
for a house as grand
as the one you built

and a life as grand
as the one you lived

and a love as grand
as the one you gave
to a child
once lost except
when she found herself
with you.

She was validated
as you created,
wild and free
as you helped her dream.

Your art, and your heart
inspired my soul
and I remembered a little
just a little
when I was little
what I was whole.

Thank you Grandpa!

I love you.
I always will.
You are a magnificent soul.