Freedom Flight

I soared.

I put my arms out and faced the storm.
Against my back were red rock cliffs which time had worn,
and chiseled caves of black
through which my soul had passed.

To my side, a cloud of silver lightning fleece,
Underneath -- a cactus, desert sage, no trees.
I soared and as I rode the currents
felt at peace.

The churning blackened sky above me raged.
The shadows dance below, the land their stage.
The mountain in its glory stood -- the age old sage,
Knowing as I soared free from my earthen cage

That swallows, clouds and dreamers,
such as I in flight
have pierced the stormy blackness
and dance in airy light.

We float through skies which carry us
wihthin the current's might
Knowing as we float so free
that God has blessed our flight.