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Heavenly Sedona Music

Award winning keyboards, soulful guitar, and a talent that comes straight from heaven have made Robin Miller a favorite with locals and tourists alike. He plays outdoors most days at Tlaquepaque, the Sedona Arts & Crafts Village, on the bridge, behind the tour booth. Stop by for a dose of heart-opening, soul-satisfying music.

Robin Miller

For more information, visit www.robinmillermusic.com.

Magical Photography

If you want to capture your trip, wedding, or family memories in Sedona, Alba Elena creates absolute magic behind the lens. She is not only a wonderful photographyer, but also an artist and massage therapist. This dear sweet angel has a knack for bringing out the best in everyone she works with!

Alba Elena Photography

To view her work, visit www.http://albaelenaphotography.com.

Sedona, AZ - A Land of Beauty & Contrast...


Red rock pillars rise to the heavens, sandstone mesas beckon you to climb their smooth surface & the refreshing waters of Oak Creek rush by in an ever changing dance.

In this land of heart and healing you will find peace in the forests, invigorating energy in the streams, and a sense of the mystery in long lost paths that weave through red rock canyons.

The real gems of Sedona are hidden off the beaten path and the more you explore, the more you come to know the secrets of this sacred land. Come journey with me. You will not be disappointed!

I make the two-hour drive from Phoenix to Sedona as often as I can. This land will heal your heart and soul, inspire you, nurture you, and uplift you. If nature is not enough, you can enjoy fantastic adventures, amazing food, incredible art, intuitives, healers, massage therapists, and so much more.

While there are far more comprehensive guides to Sedona on the web, these pages are personal. They contain my favorite hikes, special places, restaurants, healers, tales of adventure, heavenly music, and more.

To me, Sedona truly is a little bit of heaven on earth. I am delighted to share the magic with you.

With much love,
Ann Albers

Beautiful Hikes

Bell Rock

Bell Rock - Hike up a vortex that will really get your energy pumping. There's an easy trail on Bell rock for the casual hiker, but I'll also tell you how to get to the top. Bell is an activating vortex and a great place to stimulate creative thinking. I use it as my outdoor office!

Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon - Hike through manzanita and scrub brush before entering a charming forest nestled between red rock canyon walls. Continue all the way to the back into the majestic box canyon, or stop by the ruins earlier in the hike for a real climbing adventure. Boynton is a cleansing and purifying vortex and one of my favorite hikes.

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock - Breathtaking! This climb will bring you to a narrow saddle from which you will find majestic views. At sunset the landscape becomes surreal with the waning light creating a crimson glow on the rocks and the ravens laughing overhead. For an invigorating hike, try the climb at sunrise and greet the new day in prayer. You will be rewarded with a sense of the sacred.


Cockscomb - Try this relatively easy climb and you will be rewarded with 360 degree views from the top. Peaceful and off the beaten track.

Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge - Take a fun little hike back to a very large natural bridge formed out of the red rock. This is an easy hike and a great sampling of Sedona back country.

Fay Canyon

Fay Canyon - Fay is absolutely magical. You'll feel like you've entered an enchanted forest as you hike past juniper, cypress, and pine trees nestled in a deep red rock canyon. The red sandy path wanders past dry streambeds and offers side trips up the cliff side with spectacular views. Alternately you can head all the way to the back in the canyon and high up on a perch above the pines. Fay will open your heart and fill you with wonder.

Long Canyon

Long Canyon - The name says it all. You'll walk through manzanita bushes and scrub brush until you find yourself entering a forest of cypress and juniper. If you continue for awhile, you'll be blessed with large ponderosa pines and a diverse forest that grows between towering red cliffs. Gorgeous, but . . . long!

Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing Park - Beautiful, easy to access, leisurely trails, and a great picnic spot. What more can I say? Bring the camera.

Secret Canyon

Secret Canyon - If you want to be alone in the wilderness, try Secret Canyon. You'll hike into the back country past red rock vistas deep into a secret canyon. Here you will wander through a beautiful forest along a usually low or dry streambed.

Soldier Pass

Soldier Pass Arches & Seven Sacred Pools - This hike is a winding, exposed trek over red rock washes. Beautiful! You'll pass Devil's Kitchen, a huge sinkhole, and then wander through the shorter trees until you reach the climb to the arches. The arches are fun to explore, but be careful when climbing!

Sterling Pass

Sterling Pass - Take a steep ascent from Oak Creek Canyon up to the ridge where you can then return or continue back down the other side to Vultee Arch. This trail wanders through a peaceful burnt ponderosa forest ripe with new vegetation.

Vultee Arch

Vultee Arch - Hike through a pretty and peaceful forest back to a view of the naturally formed Vultee Arch. Enjoy towering ponderosa pines and miniature oak trees. Vultee requires a bumpy drive in, but is a relatively easy walk in the woods.


West Fork - You'll love this popular hike! Wander three miles into a deep red rock canyon, periodically crossing the stream and pausing to take in the serene beauty of the forest. You'll hike past ferns, wildflowers, ponderosa, miniature oaks, maples, and a whole host of other vegetation. If you're lucky you may see the blue jays that squawk in the pines or make friends with the resident ravens. You can go beyond the three mile mark but you'll have to wade. For some real summer fun, lay down in the shallow creek and let the water flow through your hair!

Wilson Mountain

Wilson Mountain - If you want a strenuous but rewarding hike, try Wilson. You'll climb steadily through exposed desert to a saddle and then begin an ascent through a beautiful forest. At the top you'll be rewarded with breathtaking, panoramic views of Oak Creek canyon. Bring a lunch and lots of water. This trail is most enjoyable in the Spring and Fall.

Best Sunsets

Airport Mesa

Airport Mesa - The most popular spot in town for sunset gazing, there is ample parking and an easy viewing area at the top. Alternately, you can take a short hike, sit on a vortex and watch the sunset, then stay to see the stars appear while the energy really begins to hum. Shut your eyes and you may have visions here.

Bell Rock

Bell Rock - In addition to being a beautiful place for an easy hike, Bell Rock also offers magical views of the changing lights on the red rock during sunset. This is a stunning spot to catch natural vistas as the day melts into night. If you're lucky enough to be here on a full moon night, bring a flashlight and stay until the stars come out.

Refreshing Swimming Holes

Oak Creek

Oak Creek - Beautiful! Simply beautiful! Swimming holes and wading places are plentiful. Take a picnic lunch and pull off the side of the road. You can't go wrong.

Grasshopper Point

Grasshopper Point - You'll have too much fun jumping off these cliffs into the water. Or if you want a little more seclusion, rock hop down the creek and you can sit with your feet in the water and watch the bubbles caress your toes!

Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing Park - Beautiful, easy to access, and a great picnic spot. What more can I say? Bring the camera.

Slide Rock

Slide Rock State Park - Oh so much fun! Wear sturdy old clothes, hop in the water, and watch yourself go! You'll find swimming holes, hiking without trails, and lots of fun in the water and sun.

Special Places


Chapel of the Holy Cross - The Chapel is a Sedona landmark and a wonderful place to go when you need solace. Non-denominational and open to the public, you take an easy drive and a short walk to get there. Stunning vistas, and a true place of refuge from the busy world.

Montezumas Well

Montezuma's Well - The well is pretty, but the hike down a brief trail to the right is the real gem. You'll find yourself at a sacred spring where an ancient sycamore tree will soothe your soul. Stick your feet in the water any time of year and let the healing waters wash your cares away.


Honanki - Off the beaten path, the Honanki ruins are a very special place. Tread lightly and do not touch the markings on the wall. The place is silent and sacred.


Palatki - An easy set of trails leads you to a well-preserved set of ruins and one of the best collections of ancient pictographs in the area. Mystical. The park rangers are friendly and very informative.

Vbar Ranch

VBar Ranch - This site is small and you have to pay an entry fee to see it, but if you're interested in ancient rock art V-Bar is worth the stop!

Montezumas Castle

Montezuma's Castle - On the way to Sedona from Phoenix, stop at these cliff side ruins to learn more about the early cultures in the area.

Scenic Drives

Oak Creek

Oak Creek Canyon - This is the drive to take in Sedona. You'll pass through uptown with all the tourist shops then proceed along a tree and red rock cliff lined scenic road all the way up to the rim. Clean air, fresh forests, and beautiful views all the way to the top!

Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing - If you only have time for a short drive but still want gorgeous scenery, take a quick trip down to Red Rock Crossing. En route you'll have places to pull off, beautiful vistas, and a quick but wonderful taste of Sedona.