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Peru & Bolivia - A Mystical Journey


It all started in a manifesting seminar that I was teaching. I decided to inspire the class by challenging myself to create something that seemed out of my reach. I told the class that I was going to manifest an adventurous spiritual vacation centered around shamanism or mystical teachings. I had no idea where that would be or how it would happen, but I was confident that if I applied the principles I was teaching, I'd be happily surprised.

The first opportunity that presented itself was a trip to study with a shaman in South America. It was surprisingly affordable and so I signed up thinking, "That was easy!" God had other plans. That trip was canceled and I found myself once again wondering where I was going to go and how I was going to get there.

The phone rang. I answered, only half surprised to be hearing from a shaman I had met years ago at a conference the week after I quit my career in engineering. "I'm taking a group to Peru this winter. You popped into my mind. Do you want to go?" Waves of energy washed through me. Did I want to go? I wanted to go so badly I could feel it in my bones! The price, however, seemed prohibitive. "I'll come if God gives me the money, but I have no idea how that is going to happen," I told him. "I'll keep you posted!" If this trip was meant to be, then the money would come. The heavens did not disappoint me. On the exact day that the deposit was due, I received a notice in the mail. Some heretofore worthless stock that I had purchased years ago had suddenly spiked in value, giving me exactly what I needed to go on the trip! I called my shaman friend, reserved a spot, and proceeded to prepare for the adventure.

Come join me as I share my journal and photos with you. This land crawls into your heart. There is a mystical power to the mountains, streams, and sacred sites that can more easily be felt than described. There are structures and edifices that historians have not yet been able to explain, and the spirits of those who came before us are almost palpable.

The trip changed my life. I had never been to a third world country before, never visited a land so intensely charged, never gone anywhere with a group of people I had never met, and I had never experienced channeling so deeply as I did spontaneously during the journey. I had never had such intense and easy contact with such a variety of loving spirits. I felt safe in spite of seeing men with guns guarding our hostels, and men with guns who didn't look so friendly on the street corners. I learned to appreciate every little thing at home, including every drop of water that comes from our faucets, and I learned to appreciate things we take for granted, like a simple smile that needs no translation, and a simple meal humbly prepared with great love.

Come join me as I take you on the journey I traveled through this magical land. Maybe you will feel the energy in your own heart. Maybe you'll be inspired to visit some day. In any case, I can't keep such a treasure of an experience to myself. Let us begin our journey. Peru awaits...

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