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Magical Self Love - September 19, 2015

A Heart Opening All-Day Playshop with Ann & the Angels

Music by Award-Winning New Age Musician, Robin Miller

Magical Self Love

How would life change if you knew how amazing you really are?

What would you allow?

How would you treat yourself differently?

What would you be able to achieve?

Join us and experience the magical healing and transformative power of true self love!

We'll help you break through notions of the small self and abide in the truth of God's love!

What if every time you looked in the mirror, into your own eyes, you saw the sparkle and love of God shining through? 

What if every wrinkle was perfect, every little mistake was just a step on the path to brilliance, and everything you’ve ever judged or criticized about yourself was suddenly a brilliant plot by your soul to help you grow into knowing the magnificent being that you truly are?

What if every time you made a "mistake" you could simply say, "Oops. Let me clean up the mess, giggle at my humanity, and get on with my day."

How would life change, if you experienced yourself as a being created and sustained by Divine Love every day of your life... no matter what?

Join Author, Lecturer, Angel Communicator, & Modern Mystic Ann Albers & her heavenly helpers as they team up with highly acclaimed New Age Musician Robin Miller to help you release any notions of the small self and embrace an entirely new perspective on Self-Love!

Self-love is anything but selfish. It has nothing to do with narcissism, egoism, or any of those other conditions that masquerade as love.  It is a humble appreciation that God flows in you, to you, and through you.

When you exist in a state of true self-love you you are humbly aware that all the good that you are comes from God.

Self love affects your health, wealth, and well-being. Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom," in the documentary, "Hungry for Change." says:

"As a doctor, let me tell you what self love does. It improves your hearing, your eyesight, lowers your blood pressure, it increases pulmonary function, cardiac output, helps wiring in the musculature, so if we had a rampant epidemic of self love, then our health care costs would go down dramatically. So this isn't just some little 'froo froo' New Age Notion - Oh You have to love yourself honey - This is hard core science."

It is time we stand in alignment with God, hold our heads up high, share our gifts without shame, and center ourselves in a God-directed reality, rather than responding to the tugs and pulls of the world.

It is time we move beyond the pleasant but not always pleasing definition of love as a warm-fuzzy feeling and learn that it is instead, a natural state of acceptance and a recognition of the Divinity within all things.

It is time we become who God intended us to be, and live in a flow of grace, ease, and coordination with the entire universe.

Real self love is magical. . . It is spiritual. . . It is a necessary understanding on the path to enlightenment. Only when you truly love yourself, can you authentically love others.

You’ll leave this playshop glowing with the knowing that you are nothing less than the love of God made manifest in human form and any perceived imperfections are simply there to teach you. This will be a day of humorously, playfully, and sometimes poignantly untangling ourselves from errant beliefs and programs that make us think we’re anything less than perfect. . . even as we continue to grow into greater awareness.

In the playshop you'll experience profound meditations as well as a variety of practical, interactive exercises to:

  • Travel before birth to examine some of your reasons for coming to earth
  • Journey into the light in a virtual "Near Death Experience" to enjoy the unconditional love of heaven (Don't worry, we'll bring you back!)
  • Learn to use humor to stop the old habits of judging and criticizing yourself.
  • Learn to appreciate your "worst" features
  • Learn to transform your biggest "mistakes" into opportunities for amazing growth and grace in your future.
  • Learn to embrace physical challenges so you can truly "love them to death" and learn their lessons for deep and true healing.
  • Release the need for approval, the need to be "perfect," and the need to accommodate everyone else's desires of your life.
  • Shift your perception into a higher perspective of who you really are.
  • and so much more...
Come learn, grow, pray, and play during a day of lovingly embracing the deepest, truest, Self within.

Here's what previous students had to say...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing class . You are an exceptional speaker. It was incredible, the energy in the room and the information that was shared by you and everyone else. I feel that I left there with so much love and insight.

You were so amazing... You had everyone laughing, and you are so dynamic on stage... There was a powerful healing there that took place, something that was very unexpected. The work that you do touches so many lives in ways that you will never know.

Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the workshop! You are an amazing speaker and held us in your "spell" throughout the day. The energy in the room was amazing!

AMAZING!! Drove home feeling as though I had just had a massage

Click here  to read a wonderful article one participant wrote about her experience in the playshop!

Directions & Details...


Saturday - September 19, 2015
10am - 4pm (Please arrive by 9:30am)

Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Road
Sedona, AZ 86336


Please plan to arrive around 9:30am. The seminar will begin at 10am, so we'd like to have every seated by then if possible.

You can click here to mapquest directions from your house.

From Phoenix, take I-17 north to Sedona.

Take the AZ-179, EXIT #298 and turn left onto Highway 179.

Follow this past Bell Rock, past the Hillside Galleries and shops and then before you cross the creek to the left, instead veer right (or go straight, depending on how you see things) onto Schnebly Hill Road. There is a lot of construction on 179 so be patient :)

Go up the hill a few minutes and look to the left. Turn left at 333 Schnebly Hill Road, the Sedona Creative Life Center. Park in the Lot, walk up the hill or ride the elevator, and we are in the big room through the lobby off the main patio.


There will be a break for lunch on your own around noon or so. If you want to bring a picnic lunch or snacks, please leave them in a cooler in your car - no food is allowed in the room. You can, however, bring water. At the seminar we will provide handouts of local lunch spots, all within a few minutes drive.


For more information on Ann, click here.


For more information on Robin, click here


Cost is $75 for the seminar plus a $3.30 processing fee if you pay Online.

Registration details are below.

If you order by mail, please include your name, email, and address. When we receive your registration, we'll send you an e-ticket by email. If you would prefer a paper ticket sent to you, please include your name and mailing address.

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You will receive an e-ticket within three days of registration.

Or, if you'd like to register via check, please

Send payment of $75 payable to "Ann Albers"

Ann Albers
PMB #110
4757 E. Greenway Rd., #107B
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Include your name, email, and address
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Up to midnight on September 5, 2015, full refunds,
minus the $3.30 processing fee, will be issued.
After that date, $50 will be refunded if you cancel.