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Love is the River - September 23, 2017
Learn to Live in the flow of Divine Grace

Join us for Love is the River &
Learn to Experience Life the Way

It was Meant to Be Lived!
September 23, 2017 • Sedona, Arizona

Anns Next Playshop! Live in Sedona, AZ!  
Love is the River

IMAGINE having the Creator of Universes
Guiding You Personally...
For the rest of your life!

The Divine never intended for you to figure out life's challenges, purpose, or how to achieve your dreams, on your own...

  • Grace guides you in every moment of your life
  • Grace tries to steer you along the easiest path to your dreams...
  • Grace attempts to help you avoid hardship and heartache...

A River of Divine Love flows through all of creation. This River has been known by many different names, among them: “Holy Spirit,” “breath of God,” “Divine Grace,” “quantum field,” “kupuri,” “prana,” “chi,” and simply “Life.” There is a power greater than any of us as individuals that guides our collective interactions if we pay attention.

The currents of grace gently tug at you in each moment of your life, nudging at your heart, suggesting thoughts, words, and deeds that will guide you to a more joyful existence if you pay them heed.

Guided by spiritual instructor and angel communicator, Ann Albers, you will learn to navigate the currents of Divine grace in your own life so at long last you can release the struggles in life, enlist Heaven’s help, and surrender to the greatest love you have ever known!

Learn to Turn Your Life Into a Grace-Guided Joyful Adventure...
Beyond your Wildest Dreams!

Anyone Can Learn • Quickly • Easily • Joyfully

Why waste time trying to figure out life on your own when Divine Grace is trying to guide you?

  • We agonize over our choices when we don't have to.

  • We stress out over how to fix our challenges and problems when help is always there.

  • We struggle to figure out our life purpose when all we have to do is surrender to the journey...

I did not plan the life I am now living.

I was a disgruntled twenty-something avionics engineer. I had no clue how to change my life, or even what I wanted to do. I just wanted to be happy, help others, and make a decent living.

I thought God must have forgotten about me or thought me ungrateful. I had prayed for help in changing my life and thought no one was listening.

In retrospect, I see that I was guided all the way. My simple prayer called grace into action. I ended up in a life better than I could have imagined – one in which I've achieved all sorts of things I didn't even know I could do.

I now live without worry about the future.
You can too! I'll teach you.

I've looked back over my life and reverse-engineered the process of living in the flow of Grace.
I've taught hundreds of people – in conferences, at playshops, in personal readings, and online – and they report wonderful miracles in their lives.

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned mystic, or a repeat student, this playshop will help you tap into the subtle signals of grace, find your personal flow, and live a life without worry about the future.

Through a series of carefully designed, individual and interactive exercises, combined with the heavenly music of Robin Miller we'll escort you deeply into the present moment, where you'll access whole new levels of awareness and we'll guide you to drop out of your head, right into your heart!

In a playful space of childlike innocence it becomes natural and easy for you to experience the flow of amazing grace tailored just for you, and the signals that guide you towards your soul's dearest wishes and dreams!


Grace guides you in a multitude of ways... via life, subtle energies, signals in your body, mind, and soul. Once you learn to recognize it, it is hard to miss, and hard to believe you ever tried to solve anything without tapping into it.

Come to this angel play day and have fun learning to use your God-given abilities to tune into any helpful and loving energy - either in the heavens or on earth! It's easier than you think. If I could learn, anyone can!


Can You Imagine... Pure Love wants more for you than you might ever ask for yourself

You were meant to live in harmony with creation!

You're Already Guided by Grace

Have you ever had a little nagging feeling, a sudden inspiration to call someone, a thought that just won't go away...

You are already guided by grace. Chances are likely you have already listened to its whispers many times in your life. It keeps you from harm, helps you avoid painful relationships or bad business transactions. It can guide you to live your life purpose... or help you find a much needed item quickly... and on sale! The creator cares about you. You are guided, not only by angels, but by life itself. You are engaged in a vibrational dance with all of creation that was intended to be harmonious, loving, uplifting, and inspiring... if we allow for it.

In this interactive and informative workshop we'll explore the many ways that grace guides and informs you.
You'll do several exercises, both individually and with others if you're willing, to explore the many facets of grace and guidance so you can more easily recognize them in day to day life.

In past classes, workshops, and at large conferences, students have learned how grace can help them with even the toughest situations in their lives. I provide the space for you to experience whatever grace wants you to receive in the most joyful and playful way possible... and it works!

Here's What You'll Learn
  • A deep understanding into the nature of grace
  • How to easily shift your awareness into the present moment... without meditating!
  • How to stay in the gentle currents of grace, rather than attracting chaos
  • The difference between going with “the flow” and finding your flow
  • How to experience a deep surrender to grace as it flows through your body
  • How grace informs the body
  • How to sense subtle energies & open up energy flows through the body
  • How grace speaks through your emotions & the positive grace in negative emotions
  • How to pay attention to the whispers of grace & why to only act when guided
  • How to embrace sweet surrender
  • How to dance with divine timing in order to allow for miracles
  • How to embrace the value of doing nothing and the joy of being
  • How to deeply embrace the present moment rather than frantically trying to push the river
  • ... and anything else the angels decide you need to know! *

*In all of my workshops, I surrender control to higher power and dance with my own angels as they truly orchestrate the class and material I share. They tailor the seminar to the people in attendance. You are the ones who pull the information through me in accordance with your soul's desires and design

Join Us for a Day in Heaven

Join Author, Lecturer, Angel Communicator, & Modern Mystic Ann Albers & her heavenly helpers as they team up with award-winning New Age Musician Robin Miller to help you learn to live in the flow of Grace... quickly, easily, and playfully!


The Sedona Creative Life Center is a beautiful facility located amidst the red rocks.

Meet Your Guides...
Ann Albers

Guided by spiritual instructor and angel communicator, Ann Albers, you will learn to receive your angels' love, wisdom, and guidance and partner with your angels to create a more magnificent and playful existence.

Ann has been featured on international radio shows and has spoken at conferences also featuring some of the world's foremost spiritual authors.
Robin Miller

Award winning New Age Musician Robin Miller has toured with Sylvia Browne, worked with James Van Praagh, and now joins forces with Ann Albers where his heavenly channeled melodies inspire and lift playshop participants into new states of awareness.

Robin's music facilitates angelic attunement, deep states of peace, relaxation, and upliftment for the soul.
I Was Teaching Flow Before it Was a Thing...
While everyone else was teaching, "The Power of Now," I asked the angels, "Then what? What do I do after I get present? How do I move forward through life with grace ease?" 

The heavens answered. The angels guided me to see how I was already embracing grace,and how to surrender to it more deeply. They gave me direct, useful, practical hands-on life experience as I wrote my book, "Love is the River: Learning to Live in the flow of Divine Grace."

This is the material that had me teaching at conferences that also featured Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Greg Braaden, James Van Praagh, Neale Donald Walsche and so many more!

The angels told me back then I was a bit ahead of the power curve
in terms of what I was teaching. I didn't believe them at the time, but now that flow is a mainstream concept, I see what they were talking about.

Living in the Flow of Grace is not always understood.
There are many flows. The trick isn't to learn to go with "the flow" but to understand how to find your own personal stream of grace transmitted from Divine mind – the one that keeps you from getting tugged and pulled by the flows of others and firmly anchored in your own soul's center, allowing you to navigate life with ease, grace, authenticity, and integrity.

I've guided hundreds of people – in conferences, at playshops, in personal readings, and online – not just to go with "the flow" but to find "their flow!"
I have over two decades of living in the flow of grace and helping others solve very specific life situations by surrendering to their flow. It is my profound joy to guide you too!

What Previous Students/Readers Say...

"I truly had a beautiful experience in Sedona, AZ with you at your Love is a River workshop. You have helped me in my journey of life to find peace, joy and to feel love in my heart!" 
"It’s as if I am waking up to a whole new world of beautiful sights, sounds, colors and sensations.  A whole new way of perceiving my world really."
"I am so in the flow these days! Opportunities are coming from all kinds of places for my creative work!”
"AMAZING!! Drove home feeling as though I had just had a massage"
“Big exhale… It can be so much simpler than we make it. Thank you, Ann!”
"It was so wonderful to be in your energy and the energy of everyone at the workshop... I truly was in heaven all day yesterday. I need to spend more time in that kind of energy, it feels like home ? Thank you for sharing Heaven with me, I am grateful."
"Ann’s book Love is the River has been exactly what I needed in my life right now,…the message of surrendering,..and how to trust and allow life to happen have been so helpful and healing to me. I use the information constantly and refer back to it in times of need."

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Spa Day for the Soul!

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Ann Albers
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Up to midnight on September 15, 2017, full refunds,
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After that date, $50 will be refunded if you cancel.

Directions & Details...


Saturday - September 23, 2017
10am - 4pm (Please arrive by 9:30am)

Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Road
Sedona, AZ 86336


Please plan to arrive around 9:30am. The seminar will begin at 10am, so we'd like to have every seated by then if possible.

You can click here to mapquest directions from your house.
Enter your home address and "Sedona Creative Life Center"
which is at: 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, AZ 86336

  • From Phoenix, take I-17 north to Sedona.

  • Take the AZ-179, EXIT #298 and turn left onto Highway 179.

  • Follow this past Bell Rock, past the Hillside Galleries and shops and then before you cross the creek to the left, instead veer right (or go straight, depending on how you see things) onto Schnebly Hill Road.

  • Go up the hill a few minutes and look to the left.

  • Turn left at 333 Schnebly Hill Road, the Sedona Creative Life Center.

  • Park in the Lot, walk up the hill or ride the elevator, and we are in the big room through the lobby off the main patio.


There will be a break for lunch on your own around noon or so. If you want to bring a picnic lunch or snacks, please leave them in a cooler in your car.

No food is allowed in the room.
You can, however, bring water. At the seminar we will provide handouts of local lunch spots, all within a few minutes drive.


For more information on Ann, click here.


For more information on Robin, click here


Please visit the Sedona section of my website to learn more about the area.

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