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Heavenly Meditation/Soothing Music

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Memory Of TreesAcross an Ocean of Dreams
by 2002

Drift in imaginary worlds as the music lulls you to deeper states of awareness. You will lose all track of where you are when you shut your eyes and drift with these sweet sounds.


Memory Of TreesRiver of Stars
by 2002

Fly, float, and drift across the cosmos in meditation as this sweet, soothing CD takes you gently to other realms. This is one of my favorites.


Memory Of TreesThe Emerald Way
by 2002

I love anything by 2002. This is another hit where you'll find yourself in sweet peace. In a chaotic world we need more music like this.


Memory Of TreesLand Across Forever
by 2002

Journey into eternity and then beyond and back again as this music takes you into the realms of the timeless. Flowing, drifting, soothing, ...

Gifts of the Archangels

Ocean DreamsGifts of the Archangels

Michael Hammer's divinely inspired music will raise your frequency into the angelic realms. Featured on my angel meditation tapes, as well as Sanaya Roman's, Hammer's music is idea for connecting with your angels, or simply relaxing into higher spaces.

by Michael Hammer

Dolphin Light

Ocean DreamsDolphin Light
by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's divinely inspired music will raise your frequency into the highest realms. Featured on my angel meditation tapes, as well as Sanaya Roman's, Hammer says this music is channeled for the purpose of "bringing Heaven and Earth together as One for Ascension."

Doorway to the Pleides

Ocean DreamsDoorway to the Pleiades
by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's divinely inspired music will raise your frequency into the ancient mystical realms. Featured on my angel meditation tapes, as well as Sanaya Roman's, Hammer's music is channeled by higher beings of light who help us reach into their realities.

Ocean Dreams

Ocean DreamsOcean Dreams
by Dean Evenson

Float away to the sounds of the waves, flute, dolphins and whales as this beautiful and dreamy collection carries you into sweeter, peaceful dimensions of reality.


by Kevin Brahaney

Drift away in meditation or relaxation as Kevin Brahaney's music spirals you out into the galaxy amongst the stars.

Ocean Dreams

Essence of Creation

by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's The Sacred Sounds of Celestial Keys and Songlines in the Language of Light and Creation guide you into a deep inner journey through the powerful and gentle healing waters into the Void, where Heaven meets Earth and we birth our full potential. The Essence Is creating a Divine Reality of Hearts singing their True Song and Souls dancing their PathwayHome... Surrender to the Divine Within....

Doorway to the Pleides


by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's Sparkling light music that moves you into joyful and high states. Luminescence brings in some of the playful, joyful aspects of life as it steadily lifts you into expanded awareness.

Ocean Dreams

Merging with Bliss

by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's Merging with Bliss is music for transformation and initiations. Beautiful inspirational sounds for ecstatic experience of Oneness.

Doorway to the Pleides

Music for Ascension

by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's Music for Ascension is high vibrational music for activating & accelerating the Ascension process. Frequencies of tone and sound to transport you into the realms of timelessness.

Titles include: Receiving the Pattern of our-· Divine Self · Gift of the Omni KumaraLight of the Father · Receiving the Kumara Energies · Opening the Hidden Vortices · The New Dispensation Grid · Balancing the Planetary Merkabah Planet of Love · Within the Void · Spinning the DNA · Sacred Mountain Lighting the Sacred Tree · Reclaiming the 12 Strands of the DNA · Activating the Eyes of the Heart

Ocean Dreams

Music for Awakening the Light Body

by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's Music for Awakening the Light Boyd s a transmission by the Higher Beings containing many frequencies of light. This music may be used as an accompaniment for awakening the light body, channeling and journeys into the light.

Doorway to the Pleides

Soul's Light

by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer's Souls Light will enhance the light of your soul as you listen to this beautiful music. Experience your soul through the Light Body Core. Energize yourself at the soul level as you play in these realms of inner light. Beautiful triumphant tones.

Celestial Bridge

Celestial BridgeCelestial Bridge

by Robin Miller

Flowing melodies that will transport you to a peaceful dimension. A relaxing escape inward to a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. Bridging inward to the heavenly place of divinity. Instrument: keyboard.

Now and Always

Nightfall in ParadiseTranscendance

by Robin Miller

Travel far away to a wonderful place of peace, to a stillness in your heart, mind, body, and soul. A quiet spot that will speak in gentle ways to that inner longing, known and unknown. Instrument: keyboard.

This is one of my favorite CDs to listen to as I drift off to sleep at night :)

Company of Angles

Company of AngelsIn the Company of Angels

by Robin Miller

Unique and moving pieces that speak to your soul. The heavenly realms find their way into your heart and spirit through these beautifully moving pieces. Instrument: keyboard.

From My Heart

From My HeartFrom My Heart

by Robin Miller

Experience a full spectrum of the heart's emotions. Melodies that will pull from the depths of your very being, uplift you in spirit, and send joyous love throughout your body and through you into into the world. Instrument: keyboard.

Heart of Love

Heart of LoveThe Heart of Love

by Robin Miller

"Enchanting is the best word to describe Robin's euphoric album THE HEART OF LOVE. Simply enchanting! Miller weaves together a glossy, reverberated symphony of celestial synthesizer tones, keyboard melodies (that resembles both piano and dulcimer) and angelic vocalese so sweet that it's near impossible to not feel at least a twinge of joy while listening. One tune that stands out is "Song for My Son." This musical homage to the artist's departed son is at once heart-breaking and uplifting, a bittersweet sonata of glistening tones and poignant moods. Another highlight, "Dancing with the Angels," pairs eloquent piano playing with radiant synthesizer sweeps that resemble a string section. The effect is magical and highly comforting."

Journey into Light

Journey into LightJourney into Light

by Robin Miller

A wonderful ambient meditative CD specifically created to take the listener into a deep state of meditation and relaxation. Featuring four musical movements, each approximately 15 minutes in length, Journey into Light offers the listener the choice of meditating with just one or all four beautiful pieces. Instrument: keyboard.

Magical Spheres

Magical SpheresMagical Spheres

by Robin Miller

Highly relaxing and soothing. Moods and thought forms of other realms and realities float into your being. Travel to distant, magical spheres with this amazing collection. Instrument: keyboard.

And the Angels Sang

And the Angels SangAnd the Angels Sang
by Robin Miller

A wonderful Christmas collection, including several traditional melodies and original compositions by Robin. Enjoy your holidays with this inspiring collection or give it as a holiday gift to friends and family. Instrument: keyboard.

Gifts of the Archangels

The Angels Gift, and many more harp CDs
by Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling's harp music reminds you of heaven. Click on the CD to visit his site and listen to music from his many beautiful and uplifting CDs.

Gifts of the Archangels

Tales of A Summer Past

by Nick Davis

Nick Davis's CD is a classical crossover or New Age classical music, Tales of a Summer Past features lush orchestrations and rich texturing. Punctuated by introspective moments, it is vibrant and evocative. Nick has attempted to recapture the ambiance and energy of his acclaimed 1997 CD album Tears of the Moon yet create an album that explores the neo-classical far more deftly than Eclipse, his 2003 release. He considers Tales of a Summer Past to be a natural conclusion to the musical journey he has undertaken over the past few years. The end result is highly accessible music that will appeal to a broad cross section of music lovers.

Samples of all tracks from Tales of a Summer Past can be heard on the downloads page.

Gifts of the Archangels


by Nick Davis

Nick Davis's newest CD is romantic and passionate. The charming chamber music quality that characterised many of the compositions on Tales of a Summer Past is still prevalent, however Nick has delved more deeply into complex orchestral arrangements and developed musical ideas and concepts to a far greater degree. This has certainly not been at the expense of the music’s accessibility. Candescence will appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers.

Samples of all tracks from Tales of a Summer Past can be heard on the downloads page.


by Debi Glo

Debi's nearly one hour of original piano compositions are melodic and relaxing. A massage therapist friend uses it in her office for a variety of massage and spa treatments, saying the music is perfect because it does not have frequently repeating phrasing which tends to keep the mind anticipating. Rather, the melodies weave and drift through streams of patterns, sometimes simple, sometimes intricate.

Debi also has FOUR new CDs out which you can see on her website by clicking here!


PachelbelThe Pachelbel Canon with Ocean Sounds
by Chacra Artists

Close your eyes, drift to the beach and sink your toes in the sand while this beautiful rendition of Pachelbel's canon with ocean sounds carries you away.

Childhood Remembered

Childhood RememberedChildhood Remembered
by Narada Artists

A delight for your inner child...this playful and whimsical music invites you into a fairy tale world of sound.

Dream Spiral

Dream SpiralDream Spiral
by Hilary Stagg

Harp, violin, keyboards and guitar sweep you away into bliss.

Dream Spiral

Dream SpiralJammies to Dreamland - Lullabyes
Edie M. Sherman & Gigi R. Shepherd

A VARIETY of ALL ORIGINAL, relaxing INSPIRATIONAL TUNES created to build self-esteem while promoting sleep. Written for young children, but listeners of all ages can enjoy its soothing effects.

From ‘Jammie Time’ to ‘Dream Time,’ these all original SOOTHING SONGS are sure to put your child to sleep 'comfy and cozy.' They were created to relax and entertain your child as they help build confidence, boost self-esteem, encourage positive thoughts, and promote sleep.

Dream Walk

Dream WalkDream Walk
by Keiko Matsui

Whether you classify this as new age or jazz, Keiko Matsui's voice is beautiful and blends effortlessly into the surreal background instrumentation.


by Kevin Brahaney

An upbeat CD for easy listening, or for us desert dwellers a syncopatic symphony that evokes images of a rainy forest of musical sounds

Secret Rooms

Secret RoomsSecret Rooms
by Kevin Brahaney

Sophisticated electro/acoustic music featuring expressive performances. Another dimension . . .


Secret RoomsPassages
by Robert Jennings

Robert Jennings is a Reiki master and also a gifted musician who combines his talents to bring us soothing CDs that relax the body and mind. These are perfect for meditation or playing during healing treatments.

Passages is Intimate. Subtle. Understated. Listeners are treated to a rich tapestry of sound, tranquil landscapes waiting to be discovered.  Refreshingly original instrumental pieces are characterized by soaring melodies, lush orchestrations, and sweeping chromaticism. Instrumentation includes solo piano, and combinations of harp, guitar, woodwinds, bells, harpsichord, and strings.

Visit composer Robert Jennings' website to listen to MP3 samples of his music.

Inner Sanctuary

Secret RoomsInner Sanctuary
by Robert Jennings

"Inner Sanctuary" is a collection of orchestral, and solo piano works, that gently carries listeners to restful places, easing away tensions and stresses of the day, a blanket wrap of soothing music.

"Inner Sanctuary" was specifically created to complement the work of those immersed in the healing arts, combining a soundscape that would assist in the removal of blockages, with energy work. "Inner Sanctuary" has received glowing reviews internationally, and is recommended by those with Reiki, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, and Yoga practices and clinics.

Visit composer Robert Jennings' website to listen to MP3 samples of his music.

Inner Sanctuary II

Secret RoomsInner Sanctuary II
by Robert Jennings

Although "Inner Sanctuary II" is the sequel to Robert Jennings' "Inner Sanctuary" CD, it is very different in character and quite original! As I used it in meditation, I found myself journeying inwardly to places all over the cosmos - stars, black holes, dimensions difficult to describe. This is a CD that will take you outside the typical realms and guide you in exciting discvoeries.

Visit composer Robert Jennings' website to listen to MP3 samples of his music.


Secret RoomsInvitation
by Robert Jennings

"Invitation" is an intimate collection of piano works, that combines beautiful melodies, with Impressionistic chord structures remiscent of Debussy, Ravel, and early Gershwin. More classical in nature than the other works, Invitation beckons the listener to sit back, put their feet up, taking time out for a peaceful escape, an enjoyable musical odyssey.

Visit composer Robert Jennings' website to listen to MP3 samples of his music.


Secret RoomsJourneys
by Robert Jennings

"Journeys" begins with the sound of ocean waters and a spare, ancient melody beckoning the listener to "Escape" to a personal oasis. Next, we are carried to magical places through melodies that evoke different areas of the world and areas of our collective imagination. The CD ends as it began, with a soulful melody and ocean waters calling us back to the present in "Lighthouse."

Visit composer Robert Jennings' website to listen to MP3 samples of his music.


PleidesMusic From the Pleides
by Gerald Jay Marcoe

For all you star beings, these tones will bring you home!


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