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As they say, there is no accounting for taste! Here are a few of my all-time favorite films. As you can see I like a good hero's journeys, swashbuckling adventures, comedies with a little meaning, and the sappy, happy, or upbeat! A kid's movie every now and then is a welcome relief to life's more serious moments!

Ann's Favorite Movies

Star Wars IV

Movies Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

This classic is my favorite movie of all time - it was the first time I encountered the mystical perspective of God! I caould watch it again and again...dark vs. light, trusting your instincts, learning about energy... adventure... everything you'd ever want in a movie!

Star Wars V

MoviesStar Wars Episode IV - The Empire Strikes Back

In the process of trying to save the rebellion agains the evil empire, Luke Skywalker undergoes Jedi training with Yoda, a Jedi master whose appearance hides his awesome powers. Very mystical in its messges...

Pirates of the Carribean

MoviesPirate of the Carribean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

Right after a friend of mine and I healed our mutual past life misadventure with a band of pirates, this movie came out, as if God was saying, "Now you can laugh at the whole thing." I loved it! It is ridiculous, fun, and you have to just roll with laughter at Johnny Depp who plays the brilliant but unscrupulous Captain Jack. Good fun!

The Last Mimzy

MoviesThe Last Mimzy

Two kids discover a set of "toys" on the beach that are actually sent back in time by people in the future desparate to reclaim their human innocence... A good clean, uplifting, and inspiring film about how the trust and innocence of these two kids leads them to save the future. If you have evolved kids with special abilities, they'll relate well to the heros of this film. I loved it.

The Last Mimzy


A love story between a boy becoming a man and his dragon Eragon. Together they team up to fulfill the prophecy of the last dragon rider and to help good triumph once again over evil forces.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

MoviesRaiders of the Lost Ark Series

I love this series of adventure movies starring Harrison Ford, the rough and tumble Indian Jones in search of ancient artifacts that can change the course of history. These are classics, packed with humor, adventure, and a good clean sense of fun.



I have always loved the Peter Pan story so when this updated version came out my inner child went wild. Peter is grown up and forgot who he is until Captain Hook bursts into his reality and kidnaps his kids. He has to suspend his disbelief, travel to Never Never land and retrieve the kids, along with his own sense of childhood innocence and joy. If you loved Peter Pan you'll love this one.



When a man shows up claiming to be an alien visiting earth you start to wonder if the therapist is treating him or vice versa. Watch as he transformes residents in the psych ward to kow their value and worth, and enjoy the ending where you learn if he's crazy or not!


MoviesStargate - the original

An ancient device is found by archaeologists in the desert that can be used to transport through time. Travel back with the scientists and other folks and witness the mysteries of the pyramids and ancient Egypt. This classic spawned an entire series. It makes time travel come alive.

Winnie the Pooh

MoviesThe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Its ok to laugh at me, but you're never too old to feel young again watching the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and friends. Now this classic serives is available on DVD! A real treat whether you have kids ... or not!

Love Actually

Movies Love Actually

This British comedy combines all sorts of love stories artfully woven together. Laugh, cry, cheer, and celebrate the many faces of love. Its a happy holiday film.

Love Actually

Movies Enchanted

This is as sappy happy as a Disney film can get. Definitely a girl film for those times when you need to be reminded of true love and kindness triumphing over chaos.

A Christmas Story

MoviesA Christmas Story

Anyone who can relate to the simpler times in life and small towns will enjoy this story of a kid and his average suburban family at Christmastime. It is ridiculous and yet funny because everyone can relate to something here. Besides the little star looks like my brother did when he was a kid and the scenes of being stuffed in a snowsuit remind me of my own childhood!

The Grinch

MoviesThe Grinch

I have always loved the cartoon version of the grinch, so when they came out with this version starring Jim Cary I went back to childhood and enjoyed his version of this sappy happy story of a heart bursting open with love at the holidays!

Finding Nemo

MoviesFinding Nemo

This is a fun kid's movie. The animation is awesome. Ellen Degeneris is hilarious as the fishy sidekick, and the movie is just plain fun. Get some popcorn and invite your inner child.

What the Bleep

MoviesWhat the Bleep do We Know?

Spirituality meets quantum physics in this ground breaking, eye-opening film about how and why we create what we do in our lives. Experts include physicists, spiritual leaders, brain researchers, and more artfully woven into a very relatable plot.

The Little Mermaid

MoviesDisney's - The Little Mermaid

This classic fairy tale is reinterpreted by Disney and has been turned into a classic in and of itself. Ariel, the little mermaid wants to live on land but her family is throwing fits. Watch her adventures as she bridges the two worlds. The music is fantastic.



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