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Books for Women

A Woman's Worth

A Woman's WorthA Woman's Worth
by Marianne Williamson

If you're a woman struggling to reclaim your power and self-esteem, or if you know someone who is, get this book immediately. "A Woman's Worth" is a touching and inspiring reminder that we are all queens with a divine purpose in this lifetime. I give this book away frequently to women who have forgotten their own brilliance. How quickly they remember!

13 Original Clan Mothers

13 Original Clan MothersThe 13 Original Clan Mothers:
Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents, and Abilities of the Feminine through the Ancient Teachings

by Jamie Sams

In this beautiful book, Native American healer, teacher, and storyteller, Jamie Sams shares with us the stories of the thirteen original clan mothers -- archetypal women who mirror the strengths we share and the challenges we face on this journey through life. If you like learning through powerful stories then you will love this book!

The Mists of Avalon

The Mists of AvalonThe Mists of Avalon
by Marion Zimmer Bradley

This is a retelling of the Arthurian legends from the perspective of the mystical women who were the "real" power behind the throne. Fiction and highly entertaining if you're into mystical stories.

In the Meantime

In the MeantimeMama Gena's School of Womanly Arts
by Regina Thomashauer

I never got trained in the womanly arts of seeking out pleasure in all areas of life! Well this wouldn't necessarily sound spiritual but if you can read between the lines you'll discover that the author has tapped into a goldmine of wisdom helping them learn to manifest their dreams, their purpose fulfilled and a phenomenal life. Added bonus -- you'll laugh yourself silly! A wonderful book to give all your girlfriends!

A Return To Love

A Return To LoveA Return to Love
by Marianne Williamson

Once again Marianne reminds us that the true love we are all seeking is the love of the Divine. In her usual personal and inspiring manner, she shows how this longing for union with spirit affects all our relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves. Inspiring, educational, and insightful.

Women's Bodies/Wisdom

Women's Bodies/WisdomWomen's Bodies Women's Wisdom
by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dr. Northrup is a true healer for body and soul. This might as well have been called a "user's guide to the female body." If you want to learn more about your female biology as it relates to your mental and emotional well being, this is a great book. Dr. Northrup shares nontraditional cures for female problems, and stories of her clients journeys through healing their spirit as well as their bodies.

Woman's Book of Comfort

Woman's Book of ComfortThe Woman's Book of Comfort
by Jennifer Louden

If you're learning to be nice to yourself, or seeking new ideas on how to spoil yourself, this book is packed with information. Give it to a friend, or better yet give it to yourself for a treat!

The Woman's Dictionary

The Woman's DictionaryThe Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects
by Laura Day

Not just for women, this book is filled with pictures of modern and ancient symbols and their sacred meanings. It is one of my frequently used references.

The Woman's Encyclopedia

The Woman's EncyclopediaThe Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
by Pete Sanders

This is a woman's classic. Walker explores the feminist underpinnings of many of our myths and superstitions. Why was Cinderella's slipper so important to the prince? What was the original, real meaning of the tale of red riding hood? How did the custom of kissing begin? And where did we get the idea of cats having nine lives? Fascinating, funny, and full of information, this book is an encyclopedia that is as easy to read as fiction.

Woman's Retreat Book

Woman's Retreat BookThe Woman's Retreat Book
by Jennifer Louden

When you need a time-out, whether it be several days or only a few hours, refer to this book for hundreds of ideas on how to refresh your body, renew your mind, and reconnect with your spirit.

Women Who Run w/ Wolves

Women Who Run w/ WolvesWomen Who Run with the Wolves
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

If you want to embark on a deep course of self-study and learn about the trials, tests, and victories that all women experience, then I invite you to dive into this scholarly and insightful work. Estes recounts many of the worlds favorite fairy tales and tells specifically how they apply to women's lives today. I was entranced.

Goddesses in Everywoman

Goddesses in EverywomanGoddesses in Everywoman: A New Psychology of Women
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Buy this book! A description of seven goddess archetypes, their influence on modern women, our relationships, and our strengths vs. shadow side. You will come to know yourself much more deeply after reading "Goddess in Everywoman."

Edge of Two Worlds

Edge of Two WorldsWoman at the Edge of Two Worlds
by Lynn V. Andrews

A powerful and sensitively written book about a shaman woman's journey through menopause and how she helps guide her apprentices to discover their power at the same time in their own lives. Learn to see your life's major passage as a powerful and spiritual time.Visit Author Lynn Andrews

Great Mother

Wise ChildCelebrating the Great Mother
by Cait Johnson & Maura D. Shaw

This book celebrates the traditions and seasons of the goddess. It leads you through a year of earth- centered festivals and gives you ways to create family traditions that honor the cycles & seasons. It is filled with activities that help both adults and children connect with the earth energy in a playful and childlike manner. Learn to make rainsticks, talismans, runes, dream pillows, etc...

Great Mother

Wise ChildThe Alchemical Woman: A handbook for everyday soulwork
by Dr. Ramona Rubio & Catherine W. Davidson

The Alchemical woman d iscusses various stages of personal growth, recognizing the spectrum of experience in each one and how to take advantage of this awareness to transform base experience into golden opportunities. Visit the author's site.


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