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Symbols and Symbol References

Traditional Symbols

Traditional SymbolsThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols
by J.C. Cooper

This is the symbol bible! It contains hundreds of symbols and best of all different interpretations of them based on different cultures. Great for interpreting dreams, visions, and the coincidences in life and for selecting your own symbols for ceremony.

Language of Signs

Language of SignsThe Secret Language of Signs
by Denise Linn

At every moment the universe is speaking to you! Learn how to interpret the signs all around you as well as the messages in your dreams. See the world in two layers: literal and symbolic and learn how spirit speaks to you in everyday life!

Other Council Fires

Other Council FiresOther Council Fires Were Here Before Us
by Jamie Sams

"Other Council Fires..." is an account of the Seneca traditions of creation and the seven worlds. If you wish to learn more about the great mystery, this is an excellent and beautifully written book. It also teaches you the language of the stones if you want to know the messages a particular rock might hold for you.

Language of Symbols

Language of SymbolsThe Secret Language of Symbols
by David Fontana

A gorgeous reference book with pictures of symbols and great descriptions of their meanings. Pretty enough for a coffee table. Informative enough to interpret dreams and visions.

Signs of Life

Signs of LifeSigns of Life
by Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.

Pick one of the five basic signs of life (the circle, the triangle, the cross, the square, or the spiral) and author Angeles Arrien will tell you exactly where you are in your life's journey. A fascinating look at how our soul chooses the symbols that mirror profound lessons in our life. Click Here for Author Arrien Angeles

Dream Symbols

Dream SymbolsMary Summer Rain's Guide to Dream Symbols
by Mary Summer Rain

One of my favorite psychic friends swears by this reference. It is a comprehensive book of Dream Symbols that are fairly universal. If you can't figure out the meaning of your own symbols, try looking them up here!

Dream Symbols

Dream SymbolsSymbols from the Kingdom Within
Angel Guardian Diary, Book One
by Janine Prefontane

Whatever you believe is your connection to God, the Diamond/Heart Angels, who spoke through Janine, share their knowledge that every person here on Earth and in God's holy cosmos is not ordinary in any way. The angelic truths that are taught will challenge and expand your current definition of reality, while giving you lasting confidence in yourself that will help you open your heart to experience love in ways that will change your life forever.

Dream Symbols

Dream SymbolsSymbols from the Kingdom Within
Angel Guardian Diary, Book Two

by Janine Prefontane

For twenty years I've read spiritual books. I'm more hopeful and encouraged by your book than I've been in years. Thank you for giving us self-empowering prayers connecting us directly to God." -- Gail McGraw, AZ.

We, the Diamond/Heart Angels, wish to send our greetings and great
admiration to Earth and everyone. We have been partnering with human beings from the beginning. The love we feel in our hearts for you is universal. Look around; you will notice subtle changes occurring in your thoughts and in your lives. In each atom of your being, miracles are available for everyone now. Look for the good in all and everything, and you will know yourselves in WEness as manifest GodLove.

The Mystic Spiral

The Mystic SpiralThe Mystic Spiral
by Jill Purce

The author explores the spiral as a universal symbol for growth, movement, and change. A beautiful book with many pictures and insights from different cultures.

The Art of Ritual

The Art of RitualThe Art of Ritual
by Renee Beck & Sydney Barbara Metrick

Rituals are an important way of marking life's passages. Learn how to use symbolic action, earth elements, affirmations, and altars to create meaningful rituals in your own life. This should be a classic on the subject.


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