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Authors - Alexandra Stoddard

Daring to Be Yourself

Daring to Be YourselfDaring to Be Yourself
by Alexandra Stoddard

If you're in a process of self-discovery and want to get in touch with your own personal tastes and unique style, this is the book to guide you through the process. Decorator and lifestyle expert, Alexandra Stoddard helps you explore your tastes in interior design, fashion, gift giving, entertaining, and life in general. You'll be motivated to clear out all that isn't "you" and rebuild your life with things that feed your spirit!

Creating a Beautiful Home

Creating a Beautiful HomeCreating a Beautiful Home
by Alexandra Stoddard

Step into Alexandra's beautiful world as she shares with us the hints and tips she learned while decorating her own dream cottage. This is an inspiring and beautiful book. By the time you're finished you'll feel like you've been a guest in the author's home.

Gracious Living

Living a Beautiful LifeLiving a Beautiful Life
by Alexandra Stoddard

Beauty does not cost a lot, and this book will show you how to achieve elegance in your life and happiness without spending a fortune. Turn dull routines into life-enriching rituals, and add simple but distinctive touches to your home to create an oasis of tranquility.

Gracious Living

Gracious LivingFeeling at Home
by Alexandra Stoddard

Your home is your sanctuary, one that reflects who you are and how you want to live. In this beautiful and inspiring treatise on the home, life, self, and soul, Alexandra Stoddard gently guides you to figure out how to make your home and your life gracious, inspiring, uplifting, and beautiful!

Gracious Living

Gracious LivingGracious Living in a Modern World
by Alexandra Stoddard

Stoddard urges us to slow down the frenzied pace of our life by taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures and the moments of relating to one another. This book is a good reminder that joy is to be found in the small things and that peace and calm are always within our grasp.

Living In Love

Living In LoveLiving In Love
by Alexandra Stoddard

This book will touch you deeply as Alexandra shares with us all she has learned about making her marriage a deeply fulfilling and dynamic partnership. Living in love is a work of art. You will be inspired and you will learn how loving yourself naturally leads to sharing and loving with another. For lovers, dreamers, and everyone who celebrates sacred partnerships.

Living Beautifully Together

Living Beautifully TogetherLiving Beautifully Together
by Alexandra Stoddard

How do you merge two lives and two lifestyles into one? You'll find out in this book. The author enumerates the key elements of a successful and happy relationship. She speaks from experience and it shows!

Making Choices

Making ChoicesMaking Choices
by Alexandra Stoddard

This is an optimistic and empowering book in which Stoddard reminds us that we are in control of our lives. She guides us in practicing the "Art of No" -- politely declining activities which do not satisfy our souls. If you need to learn boundaries, this book is a gentle and inspiring way to motivate yourself

The Art of the Possible

The Art of the PossibleThe Art of the Possible
by Alexandra Stoddard

This books is a good reminder that life is best enjoyed when we focus on "perfect moments" rather than trying to be perfect ourselves. If you want peace and balance mixed with beauty, this is a beautiful book. It makes a great gift too!

The Gift of a Letter

The Gift of a LetterThe Gift of a Letter
by Alexandra Stoddard

In the age of electronics, "Gift of a Letter" reminds you of the simple pleasure of writing by hand. Tuck it in a gift basket with a fountain pen, some beautiful stationary, and a few stamps. The receiver might just write you a thank you instead of emailing!

Open Your Eyes

Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes
by Alexandra Stoddard

She did it again! Alexandra Stoddard... your books add as much beauty to the world as your decorating does! "Open Your Eyes" will teach you the basic principles of decor, but even more importantly, you will learn to see the subtle beauty all around.


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