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Shaman Studies

Way of the Shaman

Way of the ShamanThe Way of the Shaman
by Michael Harner

"The Way of the Shaman" is a classics work on shamanic practice. Michael Harner has studied with shamans all over the world. Here, he synthesizes their techniques & practices. You will learn how to journey into the "lower world" to meet your animal spirit guides and the "higher world" where you will meet human-like guides. The book is full of exercises to give you access to your own inner wisdom and spirit helpers.

Welcome Homer

Way of the ShamanSoul's Journey Home
by Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman is an experienced shamanic journeyer--one who can enter altered states of awareness and travel into the subconscious realms of her clients to bring back missing pieces of their soul. This is a fascinating perspective on recovering parts of yourself that have been left behind due to trauma. I have experienced and participated in Soul Retrieval. It works.

Soul Retrieval

Soul RetrievalSoul Retrieval
by Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman shares her stories of bringing back pieces of her client's souls. Learn a new type of psychology based on recovering parts of yourself, pieces of emotions, that have been left behind.

Voices of Our Ancestors

Voices of Our AncestorsVoices of Our Ancestors
by Dhyani Ywahoo

A Cherokee medicine woman shares with us the teachings, and traditions of her ancestors. "Voices of Our Ancestors" is extremely practical as well as inspiring.

Sacred Space

QuestHigh Holy Adventures
by R. Alan Fuller

R Alan Fuller's authentic account of his final initiation by a renowned Peruvian Shaman, thought by many to have been the real nagual benefactor to Castaneda and others, takes the reader from high weirdness in the Nazca desert to an uncanny finale at seventeen thousand feet in the Andes mountains.

Spiritual healings with on the flesh results experienced at a spiritualist medium hospital in Brazil deliver the author into the here and now reality of miracles regularly occurring within the daily fabric of our lives. There is much revelation about the mind expanding lessons learned in the presence of high impact spiritual masters and the wonder of their luminous capacities to heal and to make whole. Visit the author' site by clicking here.


QuestQuest: A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest
by Denise Linn

If you find yourself in transition, or in need of one, this book will guide you through the powerful practice of going on a vision quest -- spending time in solitude to rediscover yourself, heal emotional wounds, develop peace, and unite with purpose & the great mystery. Whether you want a more formal vision quest, a group quest, or simply a short retreat, this book will tell you exactly how to make the most of it. a special chapter is included for teens wanting to make their first quest.

Sacred Space

Sacred SpaceSacred Space
by Denise Linn

Denise shows you how you can change your life by changing the energy of your home or office environment. Learn to how to diagnose and solve problems of stagnant energy, use smoke, sound, sacred symbols, or fire to purify the energies of your home, use the ancient oriental art of placement (feng shui) to create smooth energy flows, rid your house of unwanted spirits, and call in the angels to bless your space. A great housewarming present!

Earth Medicine

Earth MedicineEarth Medicine
by Kenneth Meadows

This is a great reference book on Native American spirituality. If you like astrology, you'll enjoy the equivalent "animal signs". Are you an otter or a falcon? A salmon or a deer? Read this book and find out. You'll find it uncannily accurate. I brought it to a gathering of friends where we had a good laugh and some serious insight too while discovering our animal totems!

Sacred Wheel

Sacred WheelTeachings Around the Sacred Wheel:
Finding the Soul of the Dreamtime
by Lynn V. Andrews

This is a step-by-step guide for using shamanic techniques, ceremonies, meditations and tools to facilitate your personal growth. If you feel connected to the earth and wish to learn how to tap into native wisdom that has been modified for modern use & understanding this is a fantastic handbook.

Awakening Spirits

Awakening SpiritsAwakening Spirits
by Tom Brown, Jr.

Tom Brown writes an excellent book describing the simple and pure power of living meditation, and communicating with nature; both a story and a how-to.

Seven Arrows

Seven ArrowsSeven Arrows: A spiritual adventure
by Hyemeyohsts Storm

A traditional tale of the spiritual journey, this book speaks of Night Bear and his people and their love for the land. If you're interested in Native American studies there is a lot to be learned from these tales.

Awakening Spirits
Seven ArrowsThe Magical Path: Conscious Dreaming Exercises for Healing & Growth
by Wendy Halley

WAKE UP AND DREAM . . . The Magical Path workbook offers a simple and engaging way to steer your focus inward so that you can begin to directly experience the totality of who you really are. The exercises in The Magical Path Workbook will not only give you access to your innate wisdom, but will also guide you gently through stages of self-discovery, exploration, and healing. With The Magical Path workbook you can: - learn how to consciously dream like a shaman - explore the lower, middle and upper realms of the spirit world - meet your spirit helpers - connect with your higher self - meet your future self - discover the places of healing and forgiveness - find and remodel your emotional house.

There is also an audi CD that goes with the workbook if you like! Click here to purchase this!


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Flute & Drum Music

These two CDs are great for shamanic journeying and meditation with a Native American beat.

Gathering of the SHaman

Gathering of the Shamen is an upbeat mixture of flute, drums, and many other instruments that will take you into other worlds. Click here or on the CD cover to order.


When I saw Carlos Nakai, Will Clipman, & William Eaton perform the songs on this CD in concert, I immediately went into a vivid dream state. In my opinion this CD is a masterpiece of flute, drum, and a variety of other instruments. Click here or on the CD cover to order.